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Everyone here is of inestimable value. Your Skills will definitely stand you out. I am a Member of UNESCO-UNEVOC and an Ambassador of World Education Network, Eco-Network, Grow Africa Through Education and Relief International Africa. Therefore, I support TVET activities in my Community and that’s the drive for today.

About UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre is one of eight UNESCO institutes and centres in the field of education. UNESCO is the United Nations’ specialized agency for education, science, and culture. UNESCO’s education sector works to improve education worldwide at all levels of education through technical advice, standard setting, innovative projects, capacity-building and networking. UNESCO’s education sector aims to:

  • Promote education as a fundamental human right;
  • Improve the quality of education;
  • Stimulate experimentation, innovation and dialogue.

UNESCO carries out its work through its headquarters in Paris, field offices and institutes and centres.


UNESCO has been entrusted to lead the Global Education 2030 Agenda through Sustainable Development Goal 4. The roadmap to achieve this is the Education 2030 Framework for Action (FFA). In this context, UNESCO’s work in the area of TVET is based on its TVET strategy for 2016-2021. It has three priority areas:

  • Fostering youth employment and entrepreneurship
  • Promoting equity and gender equality
  • Facilitating the transition to green economies and sustainable societies

The UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre works closely together with UNESCO’s Section for Youth, Literacy and Skills Development.

UNESCO Motto: Promoting Learning For The World Of Work.

In the face of growing youth populations around the globe, the challenges regarding employment, and the changing nature of work, young people need to develop skills which allow them to easily adapt to the workforce as well as succeed in all domains of life. The uses of ‘soft skills’ is essential, yes because it describes the mix of skills, attitudes, behaviours, personal qualities and mindsets that individuals use to be successful across different situations in work and life. These skills include positive self-concept, self-control, communication, social skills, and higher-order thinking (which includes problem-solving, critical thinking and decision-making). However, we are focusing more on Technical Skills today base on UNESCO’s subject matter with respect to World Youth Skills Day. Research shows that employers are increasingly prioritizing the need for new hires to have soft skills as a combination to technical skills, as their ability to work with others, communicate well and solve problems is critical to their success as employees.

In this step we are going to look at the different challenges that young people highlighted in British Council Future Leaders Connect Survey, it connects with the theme of today’s celebration.

What matters across the world?

Education and opportunities for youth

Almost one third of respondents felt that education was a critical issue, and it was listed in the top three challenges for all participating countries. Four critical areas were highlighted within the broad theme of education:

  • Better provision for children and young people
  • Education for women and girls
  • Literacy education
  • Entrepreneurship skills

Sustainability, climate change and the environment

After education, sustainability and the environment were the critical concerns for young people around the world. There were acute concerns about the impact of climate change as well as ideas around sustainable and renewable energy solutions.

outcomes that we are looking for.


  • Sustainability and equitable access to resources: the application of innovation, technology and education in developmental activities is the principle driver of sustainable growth.
  • To make the world a more peaceful place: raising awareness and educating people about peace and tolerance through active organizations.
  • Addressing educational inequalities to improve life chances: working to increase educational attainment of lower socio-economic groups to match the attainments of their wealthier peers.
  • Improving access to education: supporting Rivers youth, Nigerian Youths, African Youths, Youths globally to access higher education.
  • Industrialization: develop the capacity of the African continent to build vibrant industries that will create jobs for the population.

I am happy that our President (President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR) on the 20th June, 2019, at least for the first nine years, Parents should allow their children to go for basic education. It is a criminal offence in Nigeria not to allow a child to go to school.

I will leave us with our local palace Quote: “If you do good, you do for yourself, if you do bad, na you go take your head carry am o”..

Thank you so much for finding time to join us mark this Year’s World Youth Skills Day 2019. Relax, Learn, Network and Re-Learn with us!

Amb. Smith Nwokocha

(UNESCO-UNEVOC Volunteer, Ambassador World Education Network, Eco-Network, Grow Africa Through Education, and Relief Int’l Africa).

Amb. Smith Nwokocha Opening Speech

Guest Speaker: Dr. Patricia Ngene (MD/CEO Precision Imaging Consultants Ltd) : Topic: Skills Development The Importance of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) for Youths.

Education is Learning. 

As a student in life, its so important you always be a Learner. Skills development. Acquire Skills and become outstanding Entrepreneurs.

Dr. Patricia Ngene addressing the students on Skills Development

Guest Speaker…Mr. Patrick Uduma (MD ICREN Services): Intelligent people want to learn, but stupid people are satisfied with ignorance. Someone who will not learn will be poor. We have hope in this country with skilled young people, so develop your skills.

Mr. Patrick Uduma addressing the students

HRH (KING) PROF. AMB. ENGR. ONYECHE PROMISE OBINNA (EZE-IKEMBA 1 / ONYE ISHIALA ULAKWO ANCIENT KINGDOM) PLAYED HOST AS ROYAL FATHER / SPECIAL GUEST OF HONOUR WITH THE MESSAGE ” NO SHORT CUT TO SUCCESS “. He emphasized that moral values has dropped and youths should imbibe the culture of being skilled, as it will facilitate and help them become gainfully employed and meaningful to the society.

His Royal Highness Eze. Prof. Amb. Engr. Onyeche Promise Obinna at the middle.

Rivers State Ministry Of Education Rep (Mrs Fynn I.) Encourages youths to keep acquiring skills. If you don’t have a skill, go and learn one. You have a skill you can transfer to the next generation.

Mrs. Fynn I. The Rep from Rivers State Ministry of Education

The High point of the Event was the Students Exhibition, show casing Inventions from students from different schools, Outstanding Schools are Our Lady of Fatima College, Creek road, Port Harcourt, Model Secondary School GRA, Port Harcourt and State Primary School One, Borikiri, Port Harcourt. Including Government Comprehensive Secondary School (GCSS), Borikiri, Port Harcourt and WoodVille School , Stadium Road, Port Harcourt.

Students during Exhibition

European Union Rep (Mr. Kingsley Fossu) in Panel Session: To find a way into organization, you must get experience, this is achievable through Volunteering. For you to volunteer for something, it pays off. Everything is now gearing towards new media (Social Media), technology, it has democratized the world. Work in your life, work is not work anymore, pay attention to your passion and this is achieved through Skills. Nigeria needs second independence; the world is now at a certain point where Google and Amazon are more like the biggest big companies. Young people should think big and then next big company can come from maybe Port Harcourt.

European Union Rep in Nigeria (Mr. Kingsley Fossu) addressing Young People

Panel Sessions includes: The Panelists in no particular order; Mr. Tonjo Meshach Harry (Esq), Child’s Social Protection Specialist. Work: Universal Basic Education Board, UNICEF Desk Officer, Mr. Gino Osahon (Manager, Ken Saro Wiwa Innovation Hub Foundation), Mrs. Bitebo Gogo (Founder, Keeping It Real Foundation), Mr. Oseleye Dennis Ojuka (MD, VirginClean Global Enterprises), Mr. Charles Nwahiwe (Principal Consultant, Neokecci Multi-Concept Ltd), Mrs. Mercy Bello (CEO, Entrepreneurs Platform Initiative), Miss. Denise Dennis (On Air Personality, Nigeria Info Fm PH), Comr. Cyril Bieh (Executive Director, Centre For Youth Entrepreneurship Development), Mrs. Zannie Odoko (Education Consultant), Miss. Honey Ojukwu (On Air Personality, Cool Fm PH), St. Amy (The Real Encounter T.R.E Summit), Miss. Afronelly Wonne (Founder, My Environment, My Wealth), Mr. Adokiye Tony Ekine (Founder, Port Harcourt International Education Festival) and Emeka Nobis (Social Media Influencer and Author)

Group picture

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