@The Auditorium, Rivers State Ministry of Women Affairs, 13th March, 2020.

Theme: “I am Generation Equality Realizing Women’s Right”.

#EachForEqual #MOWAIWD2020

Present at the International Women’s Day Celebration are: The Permanent Secretary, Rivers State Ministry of Women (Barr. Mrs. Uchechukwu), Directors and Staff of the Ministry, Former Permanent Secretary (Dr. Mrs. Patricia Ogbonnaya), Chairwomen and vice-Chairmen representing the Local Government Areas of Rivers State, Non-Government Organizations/Civil Society Organizations, FIDA, AWLA and the Press.

Barr. Mrs. Uchechukwu addressing the audience

Welcome Address by the newly appointed Permanent Secretary (Barr. Mrs. Uchechukwu); It is with great pleasure, I welcome all Rivers Women, 8th March every year is International Women’s Day globally and we are celebrating it today (13th March, 2020), which still falls within the week. We thank the Executive Governor of Rivers State for supporting us/women. Rivers State is one of the great states in Nigeria, a State that recognizes Women’s Rights; the Deputy Governor is a Woman, Head of Court is a Woman. Women are projected and well represented in Rivers State.  We thank Honourable Justice Suzzette Eberechi Nyesom Wike (Wife of the Executive Governor, Rivers State), we also thank the Honourable Dr. Mrs. Ipalibo Banigo (Deputy Governor, Rivers State) and thanks to everyone that made out time to be here with us to celebrate women.

Dr. Doris from Ministry of Health: “Health Tips”. Rivers State is carrying out a campaign on Yellow Fever and putting up logistics and vaccines to overcome the outbreak of yellow fever that is ravaging communities. Children from 9months up to Adults of 44 years of age.

A Director from the Rivers State Ministry of Health shared some information concerning CORONA-VIRUS (COVID-19), he said, the virus has been in existence since 1930’s, long ago, but we are experiencing a strain, a high breed of the virus. The present COVID-19 is highly dreaded, over 114 countries are affected by the virus; notable Footballers, House of Assemblies members of developed countries among others. We must maintain certain distance to avoid spread of infection. Presently, there have been over 10 African countries that have reported the case of CORONAVIRUS. Presently, there is no vaccine for the virus. Nigeria have two cases and over 60 persons are quarantined. Coronavirus is a droplet infection; the disease is upper track respiratory disease. It is managed conservedly, no vaccine as cure yet. If you are having symptom, restrain yourself from other people, must maintain distance of about 1.5m, wash hands regularly with soap or use hand sanitizers, practice handwashing at home too, reduce shaking of hands and friendly hugs. Suspects are quarantined for 14 days.

FIDA Rep during her Remark!

FIDA (The International Federation of Female Lawyers) Rep: Women are asking for equal opportunities, this is a month that celebrate women’s achievement and the roles of women. Women are not asking for same rights as men, no, but equal opportunities. Women are peculiar and significant gender. Everyone is equal before God. FIDA’s responsibility is to bring down the knowledge of the Rights of women. “If women know their Rights, it will help them access opportunities”. “Just like the cat has nine lives, women have nine wombs”. A woman is under Authority by God through Christ and man.

AWLA (African Women Lawyers Association) Rep: International Women’s Day, is an opportunity to talk about issues that are pertinent to women and the Girl Child. A time like this, is to sensitize women on their fundamental Human Rights. Rights to be protected from harmful practices. “The World will not be a great place, until the Rights of women are enshrined”.

O.P. Erekosima (Chairperson, Labour Union Rivers State Chapter-Nigeria Union Congress); If you are retired, move, so that others, probably the younger ones could attain position of authority. The equality we are asking for, is to give everyone same opportunity to thrive. The challenges Women face is because Women are not much in the Decision Board.  “You must be a good follower for you to be a good Leader”. Equal opportunity at the workplace. “When one Woman Succeed, all Women have Succeeded”. “Women are Great, No Controversy”. …Slogan for Labour Congress Women.

Barr. Sylvia: “the 21st century Women, must be educated”. (Rivers Women Forum). If women support themselves, they will win any election. A 21st century woman, must be courageous and bold to participate and voice out. Women don’t support women is a challenge we must face in our Society. LET WOMEN HAVE A REFORMED HEART. “The Power inherent in Women’s body is Powerful and stronger than AK47.

Some Participants at the event

NAWOJ (Nigeria Association of Women Journalists)’s Rep: Mrs. Ilaye Jumbo, as a Journalist, when the Camera faces you, face the camera. Women should speak out. “Women get and sit up”. LET WOMEN BE AS THE MOTHER THEY ARE AND ACT BEING BOLD.

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FEMALE TEACHERS: The founder of the Association shared her thought; Women are always withdrawn, when it comes to matter of position/authority. TRAINING AND RE-TRAINING IS ESSENTIAL FOR WOMEN. WOMEN MUST BE AT THEIR CAPACITY.

Barr. Mrs David: The United Nations has said, Gender Equality is fundamental to development. “AN EQUAL SOCIETY IS AN ENABLED SOCIETY”. “Women define other Women”.


Event moderated by Membere Catherine.

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