Dr. Madubuike Godswill facilitating.

@Faraah Coffee Lounge, 37A Aba Road, Port Harcourt. 1.00pm, 19th March, 2020.

After the formalities of Rotary (which include but not, limited to the Rotary Prayer, Rotary Grace, 4 Way Test, etc).

The President (Rtn. Dolapo Tella Attoni) opened the meeting and part of his welcome address is that; “We are faced with a Mostrous Coronavirus. As Rotarians, we are lucky not to have been infected by the virus. What role are we playing to ensure the spread of the virus is contracted. But of the preventive measures taken by the Club is to invite Rtn. (Dr) Datonye Alasia, who is ably represented by Dr. Madubuike Godwill, due to an emergency. The emphasis this month is all about “WATER and SANITATION”. We especially welcome Rotractors (Nigerota) and our Guests present.

Dr. Madubuike Godwill (Medical Director); Basic Things About Coronavirus, how to be safe and prevent Coronavirus. Coronavirus is not a new virus, but it has taken a new and deadly form. The first patient of coronavirus was in China. The virus was labelled a “pandemic disease” last month (February). As at yesterday, there was no new case of coronavirus in China. We need to do more sensitization in our churches and every location. There is something about viral infection, it does not stop just like that and you cannot predict when it will stop.

A viral infection is different from any other infection and most times, there are no drugs for such infection. Viruses have intelligence, unlike bacteria’s. If the Virus goes down to your DNA and replicate it into a DNA of the virus and that’s the reason, viral infections are difficult to treat. Coronavirus can spread very easily.

 For the Italians, there is something they are doing wrong, that aids the spread of the virus (coronavirus). We are still learning more about the virus, but the good-news is that, coronavirus is not “AIR-BORNE”. The virus cannot travel 1meter away. “EVERYBODY IS A SUSPECT” for now. Incubation period for coronavirus is 14 days. We need to be more well informed.

PREVENTIVE MEASURES: The virus can stay on a surface for 7 days or several days, but it can be dis-harmed through “Alcohol Based Sanitizer” and “Heat (Soap)”. You need to wash your hand severally. Be prepared: as a Nation, the first level of prevention is to close borders, especially to those affected countries and have facilities in place at the Air-Port to quarantine suspects. The U.S/UK are perplexed at this time and advised, individuals to quarantine themselves. As an individual, you need to wash your hand per second. Be cautious of how you touch your face (nose, mouth etc). I am advocating that the country (Nigeria) should shut down all schools etc for the next 30 days. The only way to eradicate and stay away from the virus is to stay distance-away from each other for now. “WASHING YOUR HAND(S) IS EVEN CLEANER THAN USING HAND SANITIZER”. “Social-Distancing” is important at this time. There is no isolation centre yet in Nigeria, so you must self-isolate yourself at home. Face-Mask is not for everybody, but for those infected with the virus. “EAT HEALTHY”.

Rotarian’s, Rotractors and Guests

Q & A

Question: Self-Isolation: How do you deal with it at home, while you are self-isolating?

Answer: Report to a Doctor, eat healthy, take mind cough syrups etc.

Rtn. Ibim Semenitari, gave a note of appreciation and a gift on behalf of the club to the Medical Doctor for the Safety tips and measures against coronavirus.

Other activities, and support to the Rotractors. I had a good lunch courtesy of Rtn. Ibim Semenitari.

The meeting was adjourned.

Rtn. Ibim Semenitari, Rtn. Dolapo Tella Attoni and the Facilitator

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