Dear all,

We have launched a campaign to push for systemic change on Sexual and Gender-based Violence (SGBV) in Nigeria. Among other demands, we are calling for the declaration of a *State of Emergency on SGBV* in Nigeria.

TechHerNG working with Girl Child Africa, Connected Development, Enough is Enough Nigeria, Stand To End Rape, SilverChipFox, Yiaga Africa, Dorothy Njemanze Foundation, and Education as a Vaccine has come up with a social media and physical campaign to not only register our outrage but also force systemic action against SGBV in Nigeria. We’re using the hashtag *#StateofEmergencyGBV.*

Our actions include the following:

*Legislative engagements:*

Starting Thursday, June 4, there will be posters on social media inviting citizens to call their legislators and ask what they’re doing to protect women and girls.

We are also working with some lawmakers for urgent legislative action.

*Peaceful Protests in Lagos and Abuja:*

On Friday, June 5, from 9am, we will converge at the Police Headquarters in Lagos and Abuja (these two locations are confirmed) presenting letters to the leadership of the Nigeria Police Force calling for prompt investigation and conclusion of rape and all SGBV cases.

*Engagements with Nigerian Governors’ Forum and Federal Executive Council*

We will be submitting a Memo to the Nigerian Governors’ Forum and the Federal Executive Council calling for an effective and sustained institutional response to SGBV in Nigeria.

*Our Key Asks:*

Our key asks are as follows:

1. Domestication of the Violence Against Persons Prohibition (VAPP) Act and Child Rights Act in all states of the federation;

2. Establishment of Sexual Assault Referral Centers (SARC) in every state, backed with a coordinated, sustainably-funded support system.

3. Criminalization and prompt state-led prosecution of SGBV cases within, regardless of requests or interference by the victim’s family or interested parties.

4. Implementation of functional Family Support Units and Force Gender Units at the state level that are well equipped to address SGBV cases.

5. The imposition of public disciplinary measures against officials of the NPF and state prosecutors that mishandle cases of SGBV.

For more information, enquiries, or media engagements, please call +2349083041940, +2348095967000, or +2340701333307, or contact dnfalerts@gmail.com.


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