At the middle on mic Vivian Ubani

Few questions from Youth perspective with respect to Life Planning as we celebrate World HIV/AIDS Day!

Q1. Can we know abit about you?

Miss. Ubani Vivian is a Young Leader, Childcare professional, a passionate educator, an advocate of UN SDGs, a Volunteer, member international youth council, ambassador of the EU UN spotlight initiative on the prevention of Campus gender-based violence and Zahara dreams mentor.  She is a social entrepreneur, founder Education Sustainability Volunteers (ESV) a youth led community based organisation providing!

Inclusion, equal access to quality education through the services of volunteers and Campus Director of Hultprize Prize Foundation.

Q2. Have you heard of Life Planning?

 Yes, I have.

Q3. As a young person and an Advocate that promotes SDG3,4 and 5 which are core Sustainable Development Goals that supports Life Planning, what is your perspective about Life Planning or Child Birth Spacing?

3. These three SDGs 3 (good health and wellbeing) 4 (Quality Education and 5 (Gender Equality). Play a very important role in life planning especially as a young woman. Life planning helps you transition from dreaming about what you want to making it a reality. Everyone wants financial freedom but beyond the dream, what effort has been made to achieve that? “The result for success is more work ” Young women dream about having beautiful family, healthy babies and happily ever after etc.

In life planning which can also be referred to as family planning in the medical terms. Young must take their health plan seriously,  provide a clear part for your life, prioritize what’s important to you, make decisions based on your priorities and move toward the life you want which may shouldn’t be limited to health but also in personal development, professional development, finance etc

In choosing a marriage partners it is important to have a discussion on the family planning methods most suitable for you. Individuals have different body types and what may work for one may not work for another.

There are different Life planning/family planning practices outlined for people who intend to start a family;

*long-acting reversible contraception, such as the implant or intra uterine device (IUD)

*hormonal contraception, such the pill or the Depo Provera injection.

*Barrier methods, such as condoms.

*emergency contraception.

*fertility awareness.

*permanent contraception, such as vasectomy and tubal ligation.

It is important to contact a medical professional/doctor advice.

Also, considering child Spacing in a family, this is essential for maternal and child health. It is the period between two consecutive live births or birth to birth intervals. Unintended and short birth intervals can pose a serious health risk for mothers and child resulting in pregnancy complications, maternal and child mortality rate which will remain a problem if child spacing is ignored. It is adviced to wait atleast 18 months before getting pregnant again especially for young women of birthing age. Some survive it to tell the story, some don’t! Check your genotype and that of your partner whom you intend to marry for compatibility.

Q4. Do you think there is a Correlation between HIV/AIDS and Life Planning?

4. Yes. Consequences is an outcome of a misstep especially when you prioritize on unimportant things. “For young

men and women, adolescence is a time filled with excitement, new feelings, many

unanswered questions, changes, and difficult choices. You must know the facts about your own sexuality, and learn skills to help you prepare for a happy future and

healthy life.

During teenage years young people will have relationships with peers of the same and

opposite sex. At the same time, will need to have respectful, loving relationships with them.

The Challenges that young people face includes:

 teenage pregnancies

! School dropouts

! Drug use

! Social, sexual, and reproductive health problems like date rape, sexually

transmitted infections (STIs), and HIV and AIDS.

All these and many more make it really hard for young people to cope. So, it will be really important to inculcate Life Planning skill into the school curriculum to help them in good decision making, discovering who they are, knowing their personal, family and community values.

A well planned life/ a well informed youths will create an HIV/AIDS free generation.

Q5. Will you like to advocate more to Young people to embrace Life Planning also, as we reflect on HIV/AIDS?

5. As someone who’s passionate about good health and wellbeing, It will be fulfilling to help other young people embrace life planning. ABSTINENCE IS STILL IN PRACTICE!!

Q6. Any Word for World HIV/AIDS Day?

In global solidarity and shared responsibility, we can contain the spread of HIV/AIDS. Let’s help to raise awareness in our schools, colleges, churches etc on the need to embrace life planning for a sustainable future.

Thank you

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