Smith Nwokocha reports:

Today (28th July, 2021), Rivers State #SecureOurLives Campaign was amazing. The turn up was massive. Women and men from the rural communities were present and they shared there experiences of insecurities. The Coordinator in Rivers State (Mrs. Sylvia Briggs-Women Education Association of Nigeria) ) and Moderator ( Pst. Mrs. Ateli Nwankwo- Principal Women Education Centre) were well organized to see this through. The present of Press encouraged victims to speak up.

From left Pst. Mrs. Ateli Nwankwo (Principal Women Education Centre) and Mrs. Sylvia Briggs (The Coordinator of #SecureOurLives Rivers State and President Women Education Association of Nigeria)

The campaign started by 10:00am at Women Education Centre, Creek Road, Town Port Harcourt. With close to fifty (50) participants in attendance.

Some Women and men shared there experiences on “Sea Pirates”, blamed Government and Political Leaders including Traditional Rulers as part of the problem and emphasized that “Youth unemployment” is on the increase and has made most of the youths to carry arms which most times they received from Politicians during Elections. There is also in “Yahoo-Yahoo activities amongst Youths.

Cross section of Participants

Police brutality, Armed Robbery, Kidnapping, Rape and herdsmen are some of challenges and contributors of insecurities in Rivers State and Nigeria at large.

Suggested Solutions by some of the participants are; Parents should train their children, take good care of them, if they can’t take care of their children, they should take them to the government, instead of leaving them to become Robbers, Kidnappers among others. Government should gainfully employ the Youths by providing jobs.

A Participant sharing his thoughts

Security is everybody’s responsibilities, but the Government should do more to secure the lives of her citizens.

The Coordinator added that Solutions proffered will be noted ✍️ and addressed for a better security situation in the State. Prayers and then the campaign can to an end. It lasted for 2hours+ and all the experiences of participants at the event were captured.

Mrs. Sylvia Briggs Rivers State Coordinator of #SecureOurLives in an Interview session after the campaign

In an Interview session after the campaign, the Coordinator said ; “Documentation and brainstorming of the experiences of victims will be taken seriously”.
Secure Our Lives!

Group Photograph

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