Commemorating World Contraception Day 2021✊

The Exquisite Noela Ugwu

By Smith Nwokocha: Special Appreciation to Rivers Media For Health and Family Planning… Keep the ball rolling!

In an Interview with Nigeria’s Finest and Exceptional Growth Coach and First Class Consultant (Noela Ugwu).

Q1. What’s your view about the use of Contraception, but before you respond, can you tell us about yourself dear ma’am?

I am passionate about helping individuals and businesses achieve outstanding performance by developing a more result-oriented and adaptable work force. I am Noela Ugwu, also known as The Growth Coach.

The use of contraception is an idea that should be promoted everywhere among people of child-bearing age. The question now is which method is safer and why? I will go with Billings method (for married couples) because it has no side effects and complete abstinence for unmarried people who do not desire to have a child.

For a woman, contraception ensures that time is allowed between two pregnancies to enable the body heal. This is essential because tear and wear on the woman doesn’t end after pregnancy. The sleepless nights, baby friendly (which is strongly advocated) and the constant attention that a new born baby requires all take their toll on the woman physically, mentally and emotionally. She feels completely run down at the end of each day.

Also remember that many mums are either employed or self-employed so joggling a new born baby with one’s career is super demanding.

Q2. In your view, as a mother and coach of youngsters, what do you think are the benefits of Child Spacing/Life Planning?

Child-spacing is beneficial to children because it gives the parents enough time to bond with the baby before another one comes.

Poor spacing means that parents might have many babies in diapers, all seeking equal attention, at the same time. This could affect child development.

This will help the mother to be more loving and less stressed. It helps provide a more peaceful home as both parents could have time to rest and enough time for each other.

Poor spacing means that parents are constantly exhausted since the babies are not independent enough to help out in any way. It’s worse when the couple cannot afford a nanny.

This arrangement also puts enourmous pressure on the family finance since baby food and supplies are usually more expensive than those for adults. Again, parents end up buying several of the same items at the same time which wouldn’t have been necessary if the children were spaced. Proper spacing enables the parents to reuse the same items like cots, toys, potty trainers etc. for subsequent babies

Babies that are well spaced are healthier since the mother’s body has enough time to gain back expended nutrients.

Q3. Do you have a word for those in place of authority or Policy makers with respect to advocacy on Contraceptive use?

Q3. My word for those in authority is that the advocacy for contraception, especially abstinence among unmarried people, should be amplified.

Q4. The theme for this year’s World Contraception Day is:
” IT’S YOUR LIFE, IT’S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.” What do you think about the theme?

4. This sounds good. Thank you.

Thank you so much ma’am for your time. Once again. Happy World Contraception Day ✊

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