PMAN SUMMIT 2021 (PMAN Rivers State)




Arrival of Guest and introduction of Dignitaries. Then, with an opening prayer. Opening Remarks by The Sole Administrator (President) of PMAN Rivers State Chapter Lady IB:
In her remark, she emphasized that Rivers State belong to all of us and we all have a role to play. It is high-time Entertainers in Rivers State know their rights. It’s unfortunate, that Government do not want to invest in the Entertainment industry. She expanded by saying, let’s come together to build a better Entertainment Industry. She asked the question: Are Entertainers ready to stop betrayal? The audience responded, YES! She thanked everyone for coming, the DJs, all Entertainers and those who decided to honour PMAN today.

Lady IB (President PMAN Rivers) during her Address Speech

Performance by PMAN South South Band.

1st Lecture by C.P. Eboka Friday (Commissioner of Police-Rivers State) ably represented by Opanga (Ph.D), D.P.O. G.R.A Division. His topic was on “Entertainment: A Tool for Peace Building”. His delivery was insightful and fun.

D.P.O of GRA station representing C.P. Eboka Friday(Commissioner of Police)

Performances by Angel D Laugh, Jayreigns and other Artistes.

2nd Lecture by Chris M. Oluigbo, Station Manager/AOP Megalectrics Ltd (Operators of Beat Fm, Classic Fm and Naija Fm). He facilitated on the topic; “Entertainment Development”. Music is Life, Music is Culture, Music is History. Musicians use Music as a tool to talk about different issues. Music keeps Society alive. Music a trend setter and Music is Commerce. Musicians dress differently. Musicians should invest in BRANDING and VISIBILITY. Music is part of Development. Music promotes social gathering and this in turn promotes Commerce. Music is a reflection of the Society.

Chris Oluigbo Station Manager Port Harcourt/OAP Megalectrics Ltd (Operators of Naija FM, Classic FM and Beat FM)

Performance by K.O. Baba and other Artistes.

3rd Lecture by His Royal Highness Anabs Sara-Igbe, he discussed on the topic; “Entertainment in Politics”. Music as an entertainment in the political space, bonds the people and help electorate participates in election. Music has no bound or limits. Music influence political movement and rituals. Music is the soul of man. Music travels wide. Sometimes, music helps us express ourselves, aggrievances through music. Music can be used as a tool for advocacy or to create awareness.

Special Address by The PMAN President Mr. Pretty Okafor: His address focus is on “Worth of Musicians in the Creative Industry”. Every year PMAN loses out trillions of naira. Musicians earn only 1% of their Royalty. The biggest employer of Labour is the Creative Industry (with Music in focus), but for the fact the industry is unchecked, the Government is not paying attention. The Creative industry is the only industry that will sustain this country. The talent subscribers, digital subscribers collect 75% of the 1% that is supposed to come to Musicians. Musicians daily take home is 0.7% unfortunately. Musicians can create something out of nothing. Musicians are the best species of God’s creation and they are gift from God.

This event was anchored by Charles Barida (OAP-Viatmin C of Rhythm 93.7FM), Hon. O.C.J Okocha San/MFR/DSSRS/JP was represented and received an Award. Hon. Prince Tonye Princewill was represented and he received an Award and Apostle Gift Chinyere G.O. Omega Power Ministries OPM received an Award and was represented and the Chief Host (Hon. Lasbry Amadi), CEO of Lasmall Hotel and Resort also received an Award and was present. Sunny Neji, Zaaki Azay, Ruggedman, Aita Bonny and Pa. Odili of Rex Lawson band (Elders Council PMAN Rivers State) was present among other outstanding Artistes, Dancers etc.

PMAN #pmanrivers

@Performing Musicians Art of Nigeria Rivers State.
@PMAN Pretty Okafor Sunny Neji Ruggedman Ruggedybaba @Performing Musicians Employer Association of Nigeria.

ivoltage Performing live

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