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International Director, GEWC (Pst. Isaac Olori)

By Smith Nwokocha

During Church Service on the 24th of July, 2022. The International Director of GEWC (Pastor Isaac Olori) sermon was life transforming.
Theme: “Divine Appointment”. Prayer today is that some will locate divine appointment that comes with provision. God has a provision for every situation. God will rekindle homes from hopeless situation. God has the capacity to bring beauty out of ashes. ashes are symbols of pain, sorrow and the only way we can comeback to God is from ashes to dust. In Genesis 2:7 (KJV), God formed man from dust. Your pain shall be a point of contact for joy. You shall get breakthrough from hard situation. God is about to bring an appointment in our lives. In Luke 4:18 (KJV), Appointment is the mission of God. When you are focused, you will attain your appointed time and you will attain position, materially, physically and spiritually. God will replace the ashes of someone to beauty. There is a story to change.

Worshipers at GEWC Temple, during Church Service.

In Esther 4:1, 5:14, 6:1 (KJV), There is no sickness that can stand the provision of God. Just believe and see God do it. How God will do it, is not your business, just believe.
Let it be clear that, there is no situation God cannot take care of. There is an appointment and that appointment is a divine appointment that will change situation of ashes for good. The Oak Tree has a lot of characteristics; the oak tree can live for 1000 years, the tree is ever-green and that means, it can survive from season to season. It’s not regulated by season. What God want to do in your life, is not just to take away your pains, but to fortify you. Psalm 45:7 (KJV).
Righteousness is the right handling with God. Righteousness connects you with God Psalm 3:1 (KJV). The secret of prosperity is righteousness. Many are disconnected and weakened by sin. 1 John 3:9 (KJV). The first appointment today is to repent from the sin of garment of ashes.
End of sermon. The Congregation at the Temple of GEWC were delighted and filled with the spirit of God, truly a glorious service.

GEWC Dignitaries

Question: With respect to the Port Harcourt City Wide Mega Crusade holding on the 5th and 6th August, 2022. Activities gearing towards the crusade has begun, and we will expect highlight of the activities that will crown the event from the chairman? First, Why the Anniversary??
Answer: The Anniversary is symbolic, because 50 years is a covenant year, it is known as a year of jubilee and for a Ministry that have existed and still existing, promoting her core value and vision for 50 years, is indeed a time of celebration and not just that it is the command of the lord to celebrate jubilee, but it is worth-while that a ministry of 50years should be celebrated. The Church is excited and ready for our 50th year Anniversary celebration.
Question: What should we expect during the Anniversary?
Answer: Jubilee itself is a season of blessing, even from the scripture, is a season of release and blessing. Hence, is a season of manifold blessing, and for us as a Ministry, we are set to go into a new level. And for the society and those who will be part of us, they are by default, going to be covenant partaker of jubilee, we going to see an expression of the grace of God upon this vison and upon the work on the land, we are going to see a dimension of activities; Series of crusades, which will include the Mega Crusade in the city of Port Harcourt, that will shake the city and its environs. We will have a musical concert with several Artistes, one of the best in the world and have season teachers of the word of God, that will be engaging the word of God and everyone of us will find our place in purpose in God and the opening and closing ceremony of this Anniversary will be monumental and historic. The Foundation of our founding Father (The Apostle Geoffrey Numbere Foundation), there will be a fund drive and fund-raising to promote his ideals and values while he was alive. These are the activities that will culminate in this Anniversary and it will be simultaneously held all over the world, where Greater Evangelism is situated and families, individuals and friends are geared to making this epoch-making ceremony.
Question: Looking at the Crusade, what does it intend to achieve?
Answer: It’s two dimensions, this Ministry (Greater Evangelism) is a ministry that is set up to rescue the lost. The crusade itself, is to bring the word of salvation unto the lives of men, to rescue men, rescue the land and secondly, to re-launch the Ministry of Greater Evangelism. So, these are the two cardinal objectives of this crusade.

Question: Tell us about the Port Harcourt Wide Mega Crusade, a run-down of the Crusade?
Answer: The theme of the Crusade is “Divine Visitation”, which we trust God, that He will visit every life in the city of Port Harcourt, as many that will come out to witness the event. Definitely. The Divine Visitor will be there, which is our Lord Jesus Christ; to Heal, Deliver and to Save, which is very very important. For the crusade, it will be held at the Sharks Stadium in Port Harcourt Township. It is going to be for Friday 5th and Saturday 6th August, 2022. It is easily located from any angle in Port Harcourt with ease and there is a lot of incentives to encourage people to come and the Committee have arranged for free buses that will run through the major streets of Port Harcourt to get people to the event. The church branches are stationed to convey people to the as well.
Question: Will there be any Medical Outreach?
Answer: Yes, there will be Medical Outreach for this crusade and it is going to happen on Saturday morning at our Church Town 3 in Station Road, Town, Port Harcourt. Our Doctors and Medical personnel’s will be on ground to attend to people with medical needs.
Question: What security measures have been put in place for the Crusade to avert security bridge?
Answer: There is enough security to take care of people and their vehicles. We can’t give all details in terms of security arrangement, but be rest assured that people will be fully secured. Measures are in place; the Security Sub-Committee is working very hard, Let the public be rest assured, that every security network is tight.

GEWC Choirs
Members dancing and Celebrating God at GEWC Temple.


“The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened”.. John F. Kennedy.

Global Rights condemns in strong terms the vicious massacre of scores of worshippers at the St. Francis Catholic Church, Owo in Ondo state during a church service on the 5 th of June, 2022. The killing of innocent worshippers in cold blood during a religious event is a sad reminder of the realities to the government of Nigeria to ensure the security and welfare of all Nigerians as mandated by Section 14(2)(b) of the Nigerian Constitution. We condole with the people of Ondo state, in particular, residents of the affected community in Owo, and the Catholic Church at large.

The South-West of Nigeria had till this despicable carnage had relatively been spared the intolerable level of insecurity suffered by other regions of the country. This brazen attempt to unsettle the amity of the region should therefore be greeted with strong resistance by both the Federal Government and State governments of the South-West region to forestall further deterioration of security in the region.

We note with displeasure the body language of the political class, especially the President, who within hours of the attack, feted his party leadership to a pre-primaries dinner party at the Presidential Villa. The dinner party which was attended by the Vice President, the Senate President, the leadership of the ruling APC, and other presidential aspirants of the party was a sheer display of insensitivity and further underscored the notion that Nigerian lives are cheap and the unfortunate event did not warrant sobriety and attention.

We are appalled by the continued upsurge in mass atrocities across the country in recent times. These continued acts of terrorism are an affront to the territorial integrity of the Nigerian state and a threat to its national security and must therefore not be allowed to spread any further.

We therefore call on the Nigerian government to fulfil its constitutional responsibility of protecting the security and welfare of all citizens through the implementation of a more robust approach to curbing terrorism across the country. The government must take deliberate action in addressing the immediate and remote circumstances that are exacerbating terrorism and other forms of mass atrocities across the country.

Finally, we call upon all Nigerians to remain vigilant and rise to our call to collectively resist this abnormal situation that is becoming a norm in Nigeria and demand accountability from the government knowing that no one is safe till everyone is safe.

Abiodun Baiyewu
Executive Director, Global Right


Friday, May 13, 2022

Global Rights strongly condemns the murder of Ms. Deborah Samuel, a student of Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto, by students of the same institution over alleged blasphemy. We are utterly appalled by the brazen posting and subsequent distribution of a video recording of the inhumane episode across multiple social media platforms.

Our thoughts and prayers go to the family and friends of the deceased in this difficult time.
This deeply disturbing action calls for a reflection on the state of affairs in Nigeria. It is an indictment on law enforcement and all arms of government when religious fundamentalists do not just confidently kill innocents despite the presence of police and security but have the audacity to film such a criminal act, post it online, and proudly admit their involvement. It is a testament to the failure of the state to put in place effective laws and implement them.

We call on the Nigerian Police Force, the Nigerian judiciary, and the state and federal government to ensure that all those involved in the mobbing and lynching of Ms. Deborah Samuel are apprehended and made to face the full wrath of the law. We remind the Nigerian government that this trend in Northern Nigeria has only continued because past victims and the families of victims have not gotten any justice while perpetrators are further emboldened by state-enabled impunity.

Without a doubt, the pattern of the government’s acquiescence to similar crimes through its complacent enablement of impunity has clearly been established. We remind the government and people of Nigeria of Shuaibu Yohanna, a Pastor killed on the 22nd of September 2021, in Kano state; Bridget Patience Agbahime, a 74-year-old street vendor of Christian faith, beaten to death on the 2nd of June 2022, in Kano state, by an angry mob allegedly for blasphemy, and Methodus Chimaije Emmanuel, a 24-year-old street vendor who was killed in a similar pattern on the 29th of May 2016, in Niger state, also after being accused of blasphemy.

We reiterate our call to the Sokoto state government, the federal government and the Nigerian security agencies to bring to bear the full force of the state’s justice system on the killers of Ms. Deborah Samuel and ensure their prosecution to the full extent of the law. Nigerians must unify in demanding justice for Ms. Deborah Samuel and demand an end to endemic state-enabled impunity for crimes committed under the guise of religion.
We urge the government at all levels to take tangible and urgent steps towards fulfilling their constitutional mandate of ensuring the security and welfare of all citizens and protecting the right to life, freedom of thought, and religion by demonstrating political will to end religiously motivated, and other forms of lynching and the practice of jungle justice in dealing with actual and perceived crimes in Nigeria.

The rule of law must prevail in Nigeria, and the Constitution must be respected as the grundnorm. Citizens must therefore desist from taking laws into their own hands and delivering their own brands of justice. The government must act and act fast!

Abiodun Baiyewu
Executive Director


MERCY WEDS SMITH (23rd April, 2022)

Mr and Mrs Smith Nwokocha Receiving Marriage Certificate.

Saturday, April 23, 2022. It was a special day for Miss Mercy Eberechi Eze and Mr. Smith Chinenye Nwokocha as they joyfully declared their consent before God and His Church to enter into Marriage.
The Couple made their intention known to the witnesses during their Holy Matrimony held at Corpus Christi Cathedral, Port Harcourt, to accept each other as husband and wife for the rest of their life.

The Couple: Mr and Mrs Smith Nwokocha

In his Homily at the nuptial Mass, Rev. Fr. Innocent Johnsantus reminded Christians that Marriage is an institution ordained by God, a beautiful thing, a covenant and not a contract. Fr. Johnsantus called on the couple to centre their Marriage on “Love and tolerance”. “Make your Marriage work, nurture your love for each other. Beauty fades, wealth ease out, but Love last forever”, he said. He enjoined them to uphold good communication and companionship. “Procreation is the secondary aspect of Marriage. Always invoke the presence of the Most Holy Trinity in your Marriage”, he sermonized. The Priest urged the people, especially the In-Laws to pray for the couple instead judging or castigating them with unnecessary information that will help build their home.

The Priests present are : Very.Rev.Fr.Dr.Joseph Kabari, Rev.Fr.Barr.Michael Akere, Rev Fr.Boniface Gbaamamuu and Rev.Fr.Innocent Johnsantus with The Sponsors Sir and Lady Hycienth Nwabueze with the Couple.

Present at the Wedding were: Rev. Fr. Dr. Joseph Kabari, Rev. Fr. Barr. Michael Akere, Rev. Fr. Boniface Gbaamamuu and Rev. Fr. Innocent Johnsantus. The couple thanked God for the grace to come together and prayed for more grace to live together in love. They appreciated their families, friends and well wishers for their time, support and prayers and asked God to bless them.

Couple with Children and Staff of De Marrilac Centre- Home of Street Children.
Couple with Students of Government Comprehensive Secondary School (GCSS)
Mr. Smith Nwokocha and Mr. Smart Nwokocha-Twin Brother (Best Man)
Just The Bride
The Groom Alone
Couple with Peace Corps of Nigeria.
Couple with Men On Suit
Couple with Family Members
Couple with Friends and Well wishers
Couples toast


Pastor Isaac V. Olori (International Director-Greater Evangelism World Crusade)

By Smith Nwokocha

During the sermon at the January Central Healing Service with Pastor Isaac V. Olori (International Director of the ministry), at the Greater Evangelism World Crusade (GEWC) Headquarters in Port Harcourt. The Man of God called to remembrance the ministry’s year theme: “A Glorious Church”.
Speaking on the topic “Strength in the Inner Man”, God’s servant emphasized that, for anyone to be part of the Glorious Church, you must possess inner strength, He took his text from Ephesians 3:16-20 (KJV). As a Man, you have two parts (Outer Man and Inner Man); Some of the strength of the Outer Man is based on the Strength of the Inner Man. Drawing example from the Bible character Samson who had no strength in the Inner Man. ‘’ For By strength shall no man prevail”. 1 Samuel 2:9.
The Glorious Church is a function of the strength of you Inner Man, which works more with Faith. PURITY and POWER that’s what the Glorious Church represents. The Devil doesn’t respect any man or your activities and that’s why in all you do get the strength of the Inner Man. We must seek for the strength of Inner Man, because it’s what dislodges the Devil.
Joseph was strong in the Inner Man and that’s the reason he prevailed in everything that challenged him. To be strengthened is to amplify your Inner Man to command a mighty power. Your strength is determined by what you carry inside, not the outside. As we are just counting the years, you will not have bankruptcy in the Inner Man. Ezekiel 43; To be flooded with the Supernatural Power of God. Those who have Inner strength do not have the strength to quarrel or fight. When Strength flows inside, it affects the outside. Victory is Sure for those with inner strength.

God exceeds our expectations and that’s our prayer this year. God’s capacity is far bigger than any problem(s) of man. We are the type that celebrates Victory over Problems…This year! The example of David and Goliath; Goliath had all the physical embodiment, but David came to him in the name of God of Israel and he got victory. When you carry strength inside, everything you decree becomes Law. You need prayer for the strength inside.
Some of the indices of Inner Weaknesses are Lying, Cheating, Malice etc. One of the ways to re-kindle your inner strength is to study the word of God. As we celebrate our 50th Anniversary we will be embarking on “SOUL-WINNING”. Efforts and resources will be channelled to Soul-winning; Soul-Winning in Local, Zonal and District level. This Year we will be busy, but busy with winning souls.

The International Director Evangelism World Crusade (Pastor Isaac V. Olori)

Question: This year 2022, we know you have a theme to start the year, as the Church of Jesus Christ, what should be our focus, what should be our disposition for the year 2022?
Answer: As a Church, we are part of the body of Jesus Christ, our focus, which we are using as our theme is “The Glorious Church” and that’s specifically what the body of Christ should be, when Jesus said am coming for the Church, a Church that has no spot, knows no blemish is the mind of Christ and that is our focus this year, we want to build a Glorious Church, if you look at the Society, there are Churches all over the place, but the character of Christ is becoming more and more difficult to find, so we want raise people who will be like Christ, like the early church did, that’s our passion and vision for the Ministry and I think that should be the desire of any good church.
Question: If we look around, with the advent of Corona Virus and different viruses, we are certain that many more viruses will come as the years progresses, what should be the disposition of Christians in this time?
Answer: For us, the Bible says; that all things work together for good to them that love God, Corona virus physically may look like an evil thing, but even in scriptures you can see that God can use anything and for Christians, the disposition is to change, not to look at the viruses that are coming, it will keep coming and changing, but we should focus on, how to utilize the moment, in fact the virus has opened a world stage for any believer(s) today, you can see virtual meetings, virtual evangelism and ministration has become the in-thing, the people and captain of industries in the economy are utilizing them, they are cutting down on movement and utilizing the best of it, taking advantage of the virus. For the believer is not to stay and cry, because God’s protection for, you is sure. For us, it has opened a new page and we are focusing on reaching the world, that’s why our services are connected online and can be seen anywhere in the world, these are the positives and we should focus on the positives of the pandemic, instead of dwelling and crying on new viruses that will come.
Question: The Greater Evangelism World Crusade will be 50 this year, and the Ministry in some way is re-launching, what are we looking forward to as we celebrate this year of Jubilee, will there be a twist or change, what should we expect?
Answer: First, we will like to appreciate God for keeping us as a Ministry for 50 years, is not an easy feat, so many Ministries start and, in few years, they fizzle out, but for us, with all the challenges we’ve been through, with the attacks from the enemy, we survived and we are here for 50 years. There is slogan we say: “The Vision Lives On”. The re-launch as it were, some of the founding members have gone and to keep their memories and most of the people in the ministry now, do not know how it started, and it is important for them to know the foundation and understand and maintain the vision of the ministry. The more we are ageing the more the coming of Christ is drawing closer and people of today focus more on material things instead of the things that matters more to God. So, part of the re-launching is to carry the new generation to key into the spirit of the vision. We have done some re-structuring, but We will be doing quite a number of activities to celebrate the Anniversary like Crusades, outreaches, seminars, conferences, concerts to see how to reach out and revive the spirit of the vision.
Question: What distinguishes this 50th Anniversary Celebration from every other events you have done in the past?
Answer: Fifty in the scripture, is very significant, has spiritual significant, because 50 for a people, we talk about Golden Jubilee, because it marks a jubilee for a people, it marks a release and there are specific instructions the scripture gave, even in the Bible, during the time of Jubilee, if someone is owing, the person should be set free; so Jesus is our Jubilee today and we are reminding ourselves that we are into Jubilee and the significant is that, it is a year of release!

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