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Facilitators and Members of SGBVTWG and MOHII

By: Smith Nwokocha



26TH NOVEMBER, 2021 8:00AM.
The team arrived the school premise and kick-start the sensitization exercise. Over 500 students were sensitized on Gender-Based Violence, making the 16 Days Activism. Among the Facilitators, students were divided into groups, because of the large numbers to enable the students participate fully.

Dr. Mrs. Egelege, Mrs. Mary and other SGBVTWG Members and MOHII Team engaging a Survivor

Dr. Mrs. Egelege Aziemeola Pius, Fellow of West African Institute of Public Health Professionals and Fellow of Institute for Humanitarian Studies and Social Development (One of the Key-note Speaker); She asked the big question, why are we here today? Her response was; We are here today to anchor on the theme: “End Sexual Gender-Based Violence among Youths”. The 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence which is an annual international campaign that kicks off on 25th November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and it runs through 10th December which is Human Rights Day. Statistically, one in four girls will experience sexual violence before she turns 18.

Grouping of Students to aid Sensitization.

The United Nations’ definition of GBV is, “any act of gender-based violence that result in, or is likely result in, physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering to women…whether occurring in public or private life.”
Gender-based violence is somewhat more inclusive term than violence against women. GBV could include violence against men, provided the violence stems from a man’s gender identity or presentation.

Students of Community Secondary School Okporo Road listening to


Sexual Violence:

Physical Violence:

Psychological Violence (also called Emotional or Mental Violence):

Economic Violence:

Some of the Facilitators from MOHII and RMOH


Recognize the role of gender in violence

Educate yourself on the root causes of violence

Interrupt Sexist and Discriminatory language

Be critical and question

Get the message out

Report photos and messages that exploit women and girls

Interrupt abuse

Stop Sexual harassment

Develop an action plan

Stop victim blaming

It’s not your fault

Stop Rape culture

Call Gender-based violence, what it is- violence, not “bullying”.

Create safe spaces to discuss gender-based violence

Confront and reflect on your ideas and beliefs

Stop stereotyping men’s and women’s roles

Remember that violence is a choice, and it is preventable

Be supportive and believe

Be aware of available resources for girls and women

Be a Mentor

Understand and practice consent!

Smith Nwokocha engaging some students on African Youth Charter Article that protects young people against SGBV.

The Rivers State Ministry of Health in conjunction with FIDA, Doctors Without Borders and other NGOs like Mothers of International Initiative (MOHII), Voice of The Vulnerables are out to support victims of Rape in Rivers State. Rape victims who receive POSITIVE support from family and friends are more likely to recover faster. Victims of Rape are given free and CONFIDENTIAL medical care and counselling to victims of Rape and sexual violence. If you or someone you know has been raped.

Rivers State Government has put in place some Health facilities to reach and get help. Do not forget that, Rape requires medical emergency, when it occurred, report immediately. The following are the facilities:
Orogbum Health Centre in Ogbunabali near Garrison Bus-stop
Eliozu Health Centre
General Hospital-Ncha-Eleme
General Hospital-Bori
General Hospital-Degema
General Hospital-Ahoada
General Hospital-Isiokpo
Oyigbo Primary Health Centre
Ayama Primary Health Centre Abua

In conclusion, Gender-based violence affects people everywhere. Women and girls are especially vulnerable to violence as cultural norms and attitudes toward gender equality disadvantage women around the world. Gender-based violence is especially prevalent when women and girls are migrating.
During the interactive session, Dr. Egelege advocate for the introduction of an SGBV CLUB in the school, as a safe haven for students to discuss sexual violence related matters and she emphasized that the most important is to “Speak out”.

Mrs. Mary Obisike (SGBV-TWG HEAD-RIVERS STATE MINISTRY OF HEALTH): She taught the students the gesture sign of SGBV. She ensures that the fliers (Rivers State Government on Management of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Rivers State) through her team are distributed equally to participating students. This initiative is fully supported by His Excellency, Barrister Ezebunwo Nyesom Wike CON, GSSRS; POS (Africa), Executive Governor, Rivers State, Including the Honourable Commissioner for Health, Rivers State (Prof. Princewill Chike).
Response Hotlines: 09025764565, 070404101523, 09033555455, 07058890060 and 08033429155

Group photograph of SGBVTWG Members and MOHII Team


Flagged Banner of PMD @Golden Tilup Hotel GRA Phase 2, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

By: Smith Nwokocha

Engaging For Sustainable Development.

Value Adds by German Trained Nigerian Experts.
. Austin Obinna Ezejiofor Esq. PhD and Ujunwa Vivian Abor


The Institute of Export (IEOM)… Hosting Organization that puts together the event in Port Harcourt for PMD..

Opening Remarks by Ofon Udofia (IEOM CEO). He thanked everyone for finding time to come. IEOM strengthens the workforce through GIZ Programme.

He further appeals to Participants to focus on Retuneers Experts. Last week Friday, Standard Chartered Bank signed an M.O.U that will benefit members.

Some Participants at the event

@Austin Ezejiofor ( Team leader, PMD, GIZ), based his conversation on “One Person Can Make a Difference”- Presentation of the GIZ Programme Migration & Diaspora (PMD).

Nigerian German Experts to support Organizations, NGOs and Companies) to facilitate and simplify there work through GIZ Programme (Deutsche Gesellschraft For Internationale Zusammana belt -GIZ-).

GIZ is not a Donor Organization, but an Implementation Agency. (Google GIZ Nigeria for full details).

Core Values:
Sustainable Economic Development.
Scale Development on Youth Employment.
Micro Enterprises
Agriculture and Health etc.

SDGs Goals.

GIZ is Commissioned by German Federal Ministry of Economic (BMZ).

Ujunwa Abor facilitating

@Ujunwa Abor emphasized:

Diaspora Experts: Are temporarily Employed Staff between 4weeks to 6months. The Expert Staff are not paid salaries by recruited Organization, but GIZ takes care of the Staff Including the Staff welfare and accommodation etc. The recruiting Organization must have an office space and must be Registered with CAC and have working staff that the knowledge will be transferred.

Starting a Business: “Business Idea For Business Development”….

Remittance: geldtransfer.

Gender Equality: Working together to promote gender equality. Equal rights, Equal responsibilities and Equal Opportunities.


Closing Remarks.

First Class Refreshments @Golden Tilup Hotel GRA phase 2 Port Harcourt.

giz #PMD

GIZ,German International Cooperation.

Closing Remarks


H.E. Dr. (Mrs) Ipalibo Harry Banigo, Deputy Governor, Rivers State.

Rivers State Deputy Governor, Dr. (Mrs) Ipalibo Harry Banigo has called on all well- meaning citizens, especially the male folk to join the campaign to end violence against women and girls.

Dr. Banigo made this call in her good will message from the Government House in Port Harcourt on Thursday, 25th November 2021, to commemorate the 2021, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls.

Dr. Banigo, who urged the male folk to be strong advocates in the quest to eliminate violence against women and girls, noted that violence against women and girls increase in the society during crises.

The Deputy Governor said it manifests in physical, sexual and psychological means and most times perpetrated by trusted family members, while the rest of society look the other way, adding that sometimes women are also culpable when it comes to violence against fellow women.

Dr. Banigo said the State Government under the leadership of Governor Wike takes the security and wellbeing of women as top priority with a zero tolerance for violence against women.

It would be recalled that the 25th of November, each year is set aside to commemorate the International Day for the elimination of violence against Women. It also marks the launch of 16 days of activism that would end on December 10th 2021, which is the International Human Rights Day.

The theme for this year’s celebration is “Orange the World: End Violence against Women Now!”

Owupele Benebo

Head of Press

Office of the Deputy Governor,

Thursday, 25th November 2021.


Participants taking pledge for LGCRM

By Smith Nwokocha

(An NGO for Women Economic Development) funded by UNDEF FNUD!
Activity: Launching of Local Government CSO’s Review Mechanism.

@ALDGATE CONGRESS HOTEL, Plot 308 Abacha Road, G.R.A Phase 3, Port Harcourt.
25th November, 2021.

The Executive Director of WUEE, Mrs. Iniobong Frank.

Opening Prayer…. Second stanza of the National Anthem.
Introduction by all participants including CSO’s present.
Launching of Local Government CSO’s Review Mechanism.

Emem Joseph Ekpo (Finance/Grant Manager) addressing participants

**The event is the  Launching of the public forum workshop conducted in Rivers State  which involves CSO’’s and citizens including LGA’s Chairpersons.**

**Three CSO’s and citizens where these Civic Education Projects were carried out was ask to give a goodwill message.**

Lolo of African Women Initiative (One of the CSO’s), was very happy working with Women United Economic Empowerment (WUEE) and UNDEF on this project, she further said, that last year and this year has been so impactful to the benefiting Communities on Good Governance and they have learnt not to sell their votes.

Another testimonial from Nwagere Foundation, an Implementing CSO, said, the project has touched the lives of rural communities and therefore appreciates WUEE and UNDEF, that one of the take home, was that the project changed lives of the citizens with regards to Good Governance and Accountability and thanked other implementing CSOs as well.

From Degema LGA, Dandison added his voice by appreciating and saying a big thank you to WUEE and UNDEF, he was happy that a community reached out that they want to embark on a Community Development Plan, that is a big plus.

Another Implementing CSO’s Capacity Enhancement Initiative carried out the project in Ahoada East LGA, and emphasized that the project was a great initiative, the kind of enlightenment from the project can be compared to none. The impact from WUEE and UNDEF will remain in the lives of the community dwellers and the Organization alike. The M & E model ensures Accountability and was re-assuring.

A Community Leader present at the event, said, he has never seen a programme like what WUEE and UNDEF has initiated and the impact of the programme on Good Governance and Accountability is mind-blowing. The programme has opened the eyes of the youths of the Community towards development.

Mr. Joshua, re-emphasized that, after the Civic Education programme, there was a focus group discussion in the Communities like Obio-Akpor, Port Harcourt City and so more…

Dr. Etim Okon facilitating

Dr. Etim Okon: Gave an Overview of the Local Government CSO’s Review Mechanism (LGCRM).
Project Title: Strengthening Good Governance and Democratic Processes at the Local Level in Nigeria- (Rivers State). Focus Area: Local Government Administration Gap Analysis and it was sponsored by United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF). Consultant: CDREA Consult.
Dr. Etim, emphasized that, the first thing is to identify the gaps that exist at the LGA’s level, then look at the Constitution. For 13 good years Nigerians do not know anything about LGA’s, but Decrees. Up till date, LGA’s are not reformed. However, LGA’s are the business of the States, because Nigerian Constitution is a rigid one, otherwise, why the interference by National Assembly. 45 years down the line, no reforms for the LGA’s. How do we demand Good Governance from the Local Government or our duty bearers?
Transparency and Accountability, one leads to the other. Cardinal principle of fair hearing originated between God and Adam during creation. We have; (i)State of Nature (ii) Social Contract and (iii) Government….. Government is the agent of the people, primarily. Government creates MDAs (Ministries) for the purpose of structure and in turn, the Ministries create Departments.
“Community Charter of Demand”; Look for innovative ways to demand for transparency and accountability from our duty bearers.
Understanding Joint Commitment and Consensus as a Component of Good Governance.

Dandison Moderating a session

Dandison moderated the session on “Development of Action Planning for Achieving the Result of the LGCRM….Page 10 of the Book”. Some of the pointers from participants are;
Continuous enlightenment will help to engage in Political participation.
Get Citizens enrolled and registered in the forthcoming Election.
Encourage Citizens to know that their Votes counts.
Incentive to Vote should be done, outside financial rewards or gains.
Start a Movement (Operation hashtag #IHAVEREGISTERED to encourage Voter Registration.

A CPR session was facilitated by Mrs. Faith and the petition for promoting CPR can be accessed online via .

In Closing, Emem J. Ekpo, thanked all participants for coming and actively participating all through the event. She specially appreciated the CSOs present and mentioned that nine (9) strong CSOs are standing for WUEE. Community Leaders and Chief presents and everyone at the events, God grant you all journey mercies to your destinations. Lunch was served and the programme came to a close.

Participants at the Forum

EndSARS Frontliners Hold Babajide Sanwo-Olu Responsible for Brutal Attacks on Lagos State Panel Testifiers

November 25, 2021
Lagos, Nigeria

In a bid to instil fear in #EndSARS testifiers and silence the movement’s supporters, suspected paid thugs have begun coordinated attacks and threats, including attempted murder, against testifiers from the recently concluded Lagos State Judicial Panel of Inquiry on Restitution for Victims of SARS Related Abuses and other Matters.

On Sunday, November 21, 2021, Miss Kamsiyochukwu Ibe, a testifier at the Panel, was ruthlessly attacked by three men and left for dead at the bus stop. In her words, “Last night I was attacked on my way back home by three guys whom I thought were passers-by. But as I was standing at the bus stop waiting for a vehicle, only for one of them to shine light on my face and said: ‘Is that not the girl from the panel?’ Saying if dem kill me make I see as I go take continue dey agitate for justice.”

Ibe, who sustained grave injuries, as depicted in the video she shared online, is said to be regaining some form of stability but there is no telling how deep the emotional and psychological scars of this dreadful encounter will run.

On Monday, November 22nd, only hours after Ibe shared the chilling video of her attack wounds, Ms Dabiraoluwa Adeyinka Honey Ayuku, one of the lead witnesses who also testified before the Lagos State Judicial Panel of Inquiry, found the attached flyer on her car. It is assumed that the warning is tied to her role in unraveling the bloody happenings of 20.10.20.

On the same day, another female testifier at the Panel, Serah Ibrahim, who went to visit Miss Ibe in the hospital found the same flyer on her car.

Both ladies shared images of the poster-like threat online; what looked like a well lettered plot, marking them as next on the list of EndSARS testifiers to be taken out, with the impunitive phrase “game on.”

It would be recalled that the Okwuobi-led Panel found “… that the testimonies of Miss Serah Ibrahim, Miss Dabira Ayuku, Mr. Onileowo Legend and Miss Kamsichukwu, vividly captured the protest, especially at the Lekki Toll Gate. Protesters had three drones flying around on October 20, 2020, and they were able to capture graphic details of the events and occurrences on the said day.”

As frontliners in a move that seeks the interest and progress of not just Lagos State but Nigeria as a whole, we are appalled at the audacity of these unscrupulous elements. We are further outraged by the seemingly weak security apparatus of the state that allows these assaults to take place with no form of rapid response from state security agents. In a nation where witness protection is a mirage, what will be the fate of innocent Nigerians and residents of Lagos State, who, having witnessed and survived the horrors of 20.10.20, now have to worry about their safety?

We jointly call upon Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu and other state agencies responsible for the security of lives and property, to rise to the occasion, provide adequate security support and investigate the attack and threats on its citizens. It is significant to note that four days after the incident and its media coverage, there has not been a statement from the Lagos State Commissioner of Police or the Lagos State Government to communicate clearly that these citizens appeared before a lawful panel and any attack on them will be seen as an attack on the State.

We state unequivocally that Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu, the Governor and Chief Security Officer of Lagos State will be held responsible for this attack and any other attack on testifiers and panel members of the Lagos State Judicial Panel of Inquiry on Restitution for Victims of SARS Related Abuses and other Matters.

We will not be silenced!

God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Signed: #EndSARS Frontliners



Press Statement

Every year the United Nations sets apart 16 days to impress upon the entire world the need to do a lot more about the menace of Gender-Based Violence (GBV). This special time between the 25th of November which is the International Day of Elimination of Violence against Women, and the 10th of December which is Human Rights Day, is referred to as the 16 days of activism against Gender-Based Violence (GBV).
During these 16 days, people all over the world take action to address the deplorable situation of violence against persons and reverse this ugly trend. The campaign against GBV which has now come to be known as ‘Orange the World Campaign’ uses every means to raise awareness about the need to prevent and respond to violence against persons. The theme for the 2021 16 days of activism is ‘Orange the World: End Violence against Women Now!’ This is apt because it focuses on the disproportionate burden of violence against persons borne by women and girls. Women who are the bearers, rearers, and carers of society are also the worst affected by the negative impact of physical and sexual violence.
The Medical Women’s Association of Nigeria (MWAN), the umbrella body of all female medical and dental practitioners in the country, has a mandate is to improve the health of women and children as enshrined in her motto ‘Healing with the love of a mother’. Consequently, we bear a special burden to respond to Violence Against Women and Girls. Over the years, MWAN Rivers has championed and supported activities to prevent and respond to violence against women and girls. We set up and coordinated a multi-stakeholder observatory that identified and responded to incidents of Violence against Women and Girls in the State. This was supported by the National Stability and Reconciliation Project of the British Council. We have also teamed up with The Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND) to implement GBV intervention activities during the 16 days of activism against GBV.
Our specific focus this year in line with the theme of the 16 days of activism against GBV is the prevention of GBV within tertiary educational institutions in the state. Strategically, we will train and empower young people as GBV Prevention Champions and Advocates. These champions would in turn use peer-to-peer methods to inform, educate and build capacity among university students to prevent, defuse and report incidents of physical and sexual violence on campuses. Experience has shown that passionate and bold young people are best suited to reach their peers as change agents. The use of broadcast and social media platforms to advocate for an end to GBV will be exploited to the fullest. MWAN will conduct research activities to understand the pattern and risk factors for GBV in university campuses.MWAN will also organize campus-based rallies to emphasize that GBV is both unacceptable and inexcusable.

As a proud partner of the state, MWAN Rivers will apply the experience gained in this area of service to support state and non-state stakeholders in the response against GBV. Of special note is the Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Technical Working Group coordinated by the SGBV desk office of the Rivers State Ministry of Health. MWAN Rivers urges state and non-state entities to support this office and its working group to ensure landmark achievements against GBV in the State. MWAN Rivers is committed to supporting all efforts to curb the menance of GBV in the state.
We are vehement in our declarations.
NO to physical violence on University Campuses. NO to rape in our universities.
NO to sexual harassment and coercion by authority figures on campuses. NO to intimate partner violence.
If we each orange our little corners, soon together, we will Orange the World. The time to End Gender- Based Violence is NOW! We can and we must for ourselves and for generations to come.

God bless the Medical Women’s Association of Nigeria, Rivers State Branch God bless Rivers State
Dr Omosivie Maduka MBBS, MScPH, FMCPH
President, MWAN Rivers Thursday 25th November 2021

Members of MWAN Rivers State Branch


H.E. Dr. Ipalibo Harry Banigo (Deputy Governor, Rivers State)

“Family Planning is so important in population balance, especially now because if our GDP is struggling and our population is exploding, unemployment and hunger will increase and other social services like education, health will be inadequate…” – HE, Dr Ipalibo Harry Banigo, Deputy Gov of Rivers State.

It’s a new dawn to intensify activities for more awareness/uptake of family planning for the Rivers State Family Planning Advocacy Working Group (FLAWG) and its offshoot media group; the Rivers Media for Health and Family Planning Network (RMH&FPN) as government promises its continued support to strengthen family planning programs and implementation in the state. This commitment was made by Her Excellency, Dr Ipalibo Harry Banigo, Deputy Governor of Rivers State during an advocacy visit to her office by the FP advocate groups.

Some Members of Rivers Media For Health and Family Planning Network

Her Excellency, who is the National Champion for Family Planning in Nigeria, made a promise to use every available opportunity to talk to women on the need to have only the number of children they can cater for especially in difficult times such as this. She welcomed the groups in her usual ‘open arms’ policy of a mother in the state.

Kudos to FPAWG
Kudos to RM4H&FPN
Kudos team TCI

Long live the government of R/S
Long live FPAWG
Long live RM4H&FPN





Group photographs with Team RM4H&FP & FPAWG & H.E. Dr. Ipalibo Harry Banigo


By Smith Nwokocha

One-on-one Free Legal Consulting Session

THE FREE LAW CLINIC @ O. B. Lulu-Briggs Foundation

As part of her 20th Anniversary Celebration!🎉🎊 (5-11-2021)!!

It was a beautiful experience, as the audiences were engaged one on one with a Legal Luminary for advice, counseling or conflicts resolutions on the spot without paying a dime. I experienced a Free Legal Consulting Session With an amazing legal Expert that gave me all the attention and details including my fiancee.

Barr. Nimi Walson in an interview

Thank you and Special Appreciation to the Lulu Briggs Foundation. Well done and keep adding value to humanity.

Fida Nigeria FIDA Rivers
African Women Lawyers Association – AWLA Nigeria
O. B. Lulu-Briggs Foundation
International Conscience Day
United Nations Human Rights
United Nations


By: Smith Nwokocha

Technical Working Group For Adolescents (Group photograph)

National Policy on the Health and Development of Adolescents and Young people in Nigeria: 2021-2025, in Rivers State.
Date: 19th – 22nd October, 2021.
Venue: Landmark Hotel
Mrs. Wokoma Mbreba, delighted to a large audience at today’s meeting, inspite of the public holiday. Institute of Virology; partnering with Rivers State Government has a five (5) years plan to domesticate the National Policy and the Policy will help us to have a direction. Youth Organizations for Health and Development Initiatives (Emmanuel Worgu);It will give a proper guide and rule for the Adolescents and urge all to participate actively for an impactful document.
Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI)-Eddidiong said she is happy that the Government is intentional about the future of the Adolescents.
Gloria Ndujiechi was appointed as a Rapporteur for 20-10-2021.
First presentation on “Policy Presentation (Rationale for Policy, Context for Policy Development, The Process of Policy Development) “…By Joyce Iwatutu-Consultant-
In her words, Joyce, said: In the process of Policy Development, we cannot develop policies without consultation and people who design programmes for the Adolescents are key. In defining who an Adolescent is, she said; Adolescent is a critical stage- a transformational stage where a Child begins to take decisions. It is pertinent to have a document and invest in our Adolescent for them to have direction. Citizens of Nigeria, Adolescents occupy 1/3 (one-third) of the Nigerian population. The essence of the Policy Development gives us a priority needs/investment in Adolescents. The National Policy developed in 1995, 2007 – 2010 – 2019. Target Population: In 2007 National Policy. Age 10-24 years determines a young person according to the United Nations, while age 10 – 29 years determines a young person (local content-Nigerian perspectives).
The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was considered in the definition of the Rights of this target population. The Constitution of Nigeria assures the Rights of every Citizens to health and development. This Policy considers the Rights of the Adolescents and young persons in the highest standard. It ensures that young women can have access to post-Abortion services, Family Planning. Nigeria is a signatory to the Regional Treaties. The National Adolescent Health and Development Technical Working Group (NAHDTW) proposed for a revised National Policy through the Federal Ministry of Health Revised National Policy 2018.
Major Stages of Policy Development:
Situation Analysis.
National Stakeholders Policy Workshop.
Engagement of an experienced National Consultant and Production of an Initial Draft of the Policy Document.
Stakeholder’s review of the Initial Draft of the Policy and Revision of the Initial Draft.
Finalization and National Adoption of the Draft Policy Document.
Final Approval Processes.
The Policy process started in 2019 and because of the covid-19 in 2020, it was not adopted, but has been adopted in 2021 at a Conference in Abuja. Adolescents are a diverse group, based on differences by sex, age, wealth, education, ethnicity etc. Tomorrow’s Agenda will be to discuss about the ”’The Situation Analysis” and Attendees will be divided in groups for focused discussion.
Age of Consent has always been an issue for the Adolescents. Education is a major determinant of Adolescent’s health and HIV is a major health and development concern relating to young people in Nigeria.
Issues identified by Attendees/participants includes:
Teenage Pregnancy and Unsafe Abortion
Drug and Substance Abuse
Cultism and Violence among Adolescent and young people.
Establishment of Adolescent Friendly Centres and people that should manage the facilities are Psychological Clinical Person and Social Workers.
During the Consultative Global Health Conference, GBV, Inequality, Empowerment issues were addressed.
Societal Enablers:
It’s a new term used to define programmes (like Education) designed for young people. Societal Enablers shouldn’t be left out when discussing issues affecting young people.
A participants added that 3-11 years is Character Moulding age/stage in Children.
Young people as a vital resource for a sustainable future and national development.
Right Based Approach.
Diversity of Adolescents and young people’s needs and situation.
Gender equity and responsiveness
Cultural sensitivity
Participatory and Consultative Integration of Services.
Life-Course Approach
Evidence-Based and Innovation Driven.
Quality-Focused and result oriented.
Policy Declaration: The Government (FGN);
Investment in the health and development of Adolescents and other young people shall be prioritized in the National Agenda.
This Policy shall be complementary to other National Policy Documents.
Young people, themselves have the right and duty to lead as well as to participate individually and collectively referred in the planning of implementation, and evaluation of health and development programmes for young people.
All Stakeholders and development partners, including Government and her Institutions, Civil Society Organizations and the Private Sector as well as international development and Organizations.
An enabling environment will be created and relevant implementation frameworks, including a Strategic framework, an action plan and a costed monitoring.
Vision: A Healthy Life and Optimal Development for all Adolescents and Young people in Nigeria and Successful transition towards a healthy, active, productive, successful, and fulfilled Adulthood.
Strategic Objectives:
Reduce morbidity, disability, and preventable mortality rates.
Strengthen capacity of the health systems and its linkage with the health sector.
Roles of Stakeholders in the Adoption and Implementation of the Policy:
For Media: Role of Stakeholders-involves informing, educating the Adolescents on the policy. Example; Sex Education, etc via Radio and other channels. Media can project budget financing- Media plays a key role in accountability.
Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning to ensure a budget line/allocation for the Adolescents programmes flies.
Ensure Teachers gives correct information for Adolescent care- (Education Sector).
Ensure we have a workable Policy that is implementable and ensure the Adolescents in Rural areas will also have access to these.
Religious Leaders should be engaged; a lot of Adolescents are influenced through Spiritual growth; The Churches/Mosques matters.
Faith Based Organizations helps Adolescents meets needs.
To design an informed programmes for the Adolescents.,
Start designing Employability Skills for Young People to take them out of Poverty.
In conclusion, the work of CSOs, Stakeholders present is very important and it counts no matter how small.
Dr. Emmanuel Adebayo (Consultant for Adolescents) added; Everything we do in our space comes together to make a whole lot of difference. What we are doing, is to lay a huge foundation for what is to come… let’s see this, as an investment of stating our opinions.
Prof. Nwadiuto Akani added, this period, Teachers are more in charge of the Children, Parents are not and it’s important to know what to do and what not to do. Research: Without research, we can’t achieve more, but for we to do research, we need an effective data and this will drive the process of Policy implementation. When we talk of Situation Analysis, we want to look at realities and tackle the situation on ground without sentiment. Career Counselling should be left open for young people. Young people need training on “Skills in Decision-Making”. Traditional Rulers should be carried along in issues of the Adolescents.
Mrs. Wokoma Mbreba, moderated the meeting and did the Closing remarks. Closing Prayer was taken by Igoni Agnes.

Breakout Session

Organizers: Rivers State Ministry of Health and Partners.

Participants: RSMOH-Rivers State Ministry of Health
MYD-Ministry of Youth Development
MSWR-Ministry of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation
CSOs-Civic Society Organization
CBOs-Community Based Organization
RIVSACA-Rivers State Agency for the Control of HIV/AIDs
RIV-CISHAN-Civil Society on HIV/AID in Nigeria
IHVN-Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria
NOA- National Orientation Agency
FIDA- International Federation of Women Lawyers
NPF- Nigeria Police Force (Police Medicals)
UPTH- University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital
RSUTH-Rivers State University Teaching Hospital
Rivers media for health and family Planning
RIV-NYNETHA-Youth Network on HIV/AIDS in Nigeria, Rivers State Chapter
RSPHCMB-River State Primary Health Care Management Board.

Rivers state Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning.

Nigerian Police Force (Medicals) NPF.

Mrs. Wokoma Mbreba, started the meeting around 10:00am and welcomed all participants present and appealed for attendees to be conscious of time, and she called for an opening prayer, and Rev. Felix Ekiye, volunteered to take the opening prayer.
The Recap for Day 1 was well reported by Gloria Ndujiechi, observations were made by Mrs. Jenewari Utomi, she pointed the omission of Rivers Media for Health and Family Planning and other omissions which includes contribution by Prof. Akani, Rivers State University Teaching Hospital, Rivers State Primary Health Care Management Board among others were rectified and captured.
The Presentation Proper for Day 2:
Dr. Emmanuel Adebayo (Consultant of CHAI), did a sound and detailed presentation on the “Overview of Situation Analysis for Adolescents and Young People (AYPHD) Policy Domestication and Implementation Plan in Rivers State” and he was very thorough and engaging with participants.
One of the outlined Objectives of the Situation Analysis, is that, it’s focused on achieving and describe the current state of affairs on the health and development of Adolescents in selected states (Rivers State inclusive). Methodology used, involves; Desk Reviews and Primary Data Collection. Demographics: -Population-Young people (10-24 years) are about 2,616,384 accounting for about 50% of the State’s population. -Educational rate in Rivers increased access to education among females-over 8% enrollment for girls. Completion rate low. Health Status and Risk Factors: -Nutrition, Non-Communicable Diseases, Alcohol Consumption. Mental Health: -Mental disorders, Depression, Substance Use Disorder, Suicide (success) etc. Violence and Injury: Violence continue to be the highest reason for injury and mortality among Adolescent etc. Sexual and Reproductive Health: Relationship status, Sexual debut, Risky Sexual behaviour, Adolescent Maternal Health. Mortality: Accidents, Maternal deaths among Adolescents, Abortion related complications. HIV: HIV Test, FLHE Implementation.
Adolescents Health Programming and Systems Response: AYFHS, Government facilities-11, private-0, Systems: – AHD Desk officer –yes, Functional TWG-yes, FLHE Desk officer-yes etc.
Primary Data:
Priority Measurement: – Priority Areas for Monitoring in AHD, Established Monitoring Systems, Established Monitoring Systems for AHD Health Care delivery, Access to AYFHS, Data: disaggregated by age, Data: disaggregated by sex.
In closing the session, Dr. Emmanuel asked some pertinent questions and they are as follows:
Q1. What should the State prioritize for implementation?
Q2. What Strategies should be employed?
Q3. What opportunities exists within the State, that can be harnessed?
He then reflected on yesterday’s (19-10-2021) document as follows:
Monitoring and Evaluation on Adolescents and Young People in Nigeria:
Programmatic Areas: – Sexual and reproductive etc.
Indicators: – 19 Core indicators, 15 Additional indicators and 156 Thematic indicators.
Monitoring Process: -Community systems to PHCs to L.G.A’s to States to FMOH to National Bureau of Statistics.
Monitoring Tools: -Supportive supervisory, National scorecard, Sub-National scorecard, The Implementation Plan, The priority Areas…
Contributions were made by Mrs. Lynda Nwankwoala , she said, there should be synergy among NGO’s working on Adolescent and youth friendly projects. Some valuable contributions were made by Dr. Okari Iyowuna, Mr. Otobo, Dr. Chidi, Wendy Wokoma, Emmanuel Worgu, Catherine and Rev. Felix Ekiye.
Dr. Emmanuel Adebayo, re-emphasized on proffering Solutions, before then, he said; “One of the major challenges of Health system and Implementing partners is working in siloes ” and the solution is simply working together. “If we can shift from sentiment-based services to right based services, that will accommodate Adolescents in the facilities without judgment and biases”. Integration of the services is what will work in our system. Adolescents are Adolescents everywhere in the world, just as Parents are Parents everywhere in the world. In conclusion, he said: Make sure Advocacy is not just information based, but with a proof of an edge to show the benefits of Advocacy. “Do Advocacy beyond information and it should be target based.”
Breakout session for Group Exercise: We had five (5) groups and a work plan was developed at the end of the day. National Implementation plan will be looked at tomorrow (21-10-2021).
Closing remark by Mrs. Wokoma Mbreba, thanked everyone for their contributions and active participation to make Rivers have a Working document and Mrs. Inyingi Blessing Morgan Ogolo volunteered for closing prayer. The meeting came to an end around 4:00pm
Rapporteur: Smith Nwokocha.

TIME: 10:00AM
Opening prayer for the day was taken by Alhaji.
Recap for Day 2 was presented by Mrs. Wokoma Mbreba
And then the Group Exercise kicked off immediately, but before the Group Exercise proper, Dr. Emmanuel Adebayo gave an in-depth insight on ways and how to go about preparing the Work-plan for the day’s activities.
During the Group Exercise, the Deputy Mayor of Phalga L.G.A and Deputy Mayor of Obio-Akpor walked-in and joined the exercise. The Group Exercise, moderated by Mobolaji, who did an awesome job anchoring the session. In responding to Group feedback, Mobolaji, emphasized that, Rape and many other factors can trigger Drug and Substance abuse.
Some valuable recommendations, re-actions and contributions were made by some of the participants, unfortunately, they didn’t introduce themselves. Mobolaji, added in respond to group exercise, he said, “Plans as regards expansion should be made, not just advocacy on FLHE”. Mr. Ezekeil and Adolescent Champion, made a valuable contribution, when he said, “there is so much focus on educating the Girl Child, while the Boy Child is left behind”, the males should be educated as well to stay out sexual abuse of any sort, this will help reduce SGBV.
Mobolaji added, that, it is only in our clime that drugs are sold without prescriptions. On the long run, young people have the rights to access health facilities, including contraception. Wendy Wokoma, made a contribution, that we should look at preventive measures as well and we should do as much we can to educate the TBA’s to better handle issues related to Adolescents that seeks their services.
Dr. Emmanuel Adebayo, made a general comment, reflecting what he said, yesterday. Advocacy as Actors, as we do advocacy, we should put into consideration the Politicians, our Advocacy should be target base. When we think of strategies in preparing the work-plan, we should look at the implementers. Are there systematic things we can do, that do not rely on political will, even in our individual space, how do we orientate the system to ensure, it runs directly without Politics. There are some programmes that are dead in arrival, because the right people were not engaged. Community engagement is key. It’s important we put all these together as we work along.
Tomorrow (22-10-2021), we will look at the feedbacks and make sure the documents are re-assessed, and we will adopt the strategies in principles and then, we close the meeting, hopefully by 1:00pm, we are done. We hope to continue to work together as we work along, even after the meeting, until the final validation of the document and with the help of the participants, we will be able to actualize a document for the Adolescents in 5 years.
Rev. Ekiye Contribution; If the Permanent Secretaries and Commissioners of the Ministry’s present are here with us, we would have made more mile stones in this agenda, so the organizers should persuade these heads of the Ministry’s to show up at least in the final day of the meeting, so that they will be abreast with realities and also see that these policies are good for adoption. Dr. Emmanuel Adebayo, added that, at the stage we are with the documentation, we don’t need certain hierarchy or heads, but at the point of ratification, we will get these heads to be part of the process and they will oblige.
In closing, Mrs. Wokoma Mbreba appreciates everyone for their time and contributions. She emphasized, this documentation must come to light and she specially appreciates the Adolescents for being part of the documentation process. And the closing prayer was taken by Mrs. Mary Obisike. Meeting close around 4:50pm.

National Policy Review Session

Opening prayer by Mrs. Lynda Nwankwoala.
Day 2 Recap Mrs. Wokoma Wendy.
The meeting was moderated by Mrs. Wokoma Mbreba.
According to Mrs. Wokoma Mbreba, Groups that have not completed their work-plan. Should endeavour to round-up by 12: 30pm.
Joyce Iwatutu, moderated a session of experience sharing by the participants.
Prof. Nwadiuto Akani contributed by emphasizing that; “each young person you see on the street, should remind us that we owe the Adolescents a duty of responsibility”. It is now everybody’s responsibility to transform the state. Adolescents’ health is not much of a physical challenge, but a psyche-social challenge. ”If you are called upon, make sure you represent”.
Joyce-she said, the Technical Working Group, can invite other CSOs not included in this training to support the team achieve the target. Whether, we like it or not, global influences will always have a way of making impact-Advocacy has to be done at global level and move to regional to national. It helps us to hold Government accountable.
Our work is important, no matter the challenges, whether we receive grants or not. No matter how little our work is, it’s important. Competition is good, if it is healthy. Lastly, once the document has gone through the initial draft and are out, let’s all endeavour to comment on the lopholes, if any, that’s the only way we would make progress.
Closing Remarks by Mrs. Wokoma Mbreba; Finally, it has come to an end. Thanked everyone and appreciate the efforts of all the attendees. We will keep sending updates for review, until it is finally ready and validated. Special thanks to Prof. And every Ministries and NGOs, including Faith-based Organizations and of course our amiable Consultants. Closing prayer was taken by Rev. Felix Ekiye. The meeting closed around 3:00pm.

Training Session

Celebrating a Techy Trailblazer (International Girl Child Day!) ✊🇳🇬

By Smith Nwokocha

Owanate Amachree

Q. Can we meet you, just tell us about yourself briefly and professionally?

Owanate Amachree is a Technical Writer and Content Developer at IOVLabs, owners of RSK, a smart contract platform for Bitcoin. Owanate is from Port Harcourt, Nigeria and has over two years of experience in writing technical articles and carrying out user research in the blockchain space

Owanate is also the founder of Techrity Org, an organization focused on assisting people to kick-start their career in tech. Her hobbies include reading, R & D and travelling

Q.“Digital Generation, Our Generation”… Girls now know their Digital realities including solutions to freedom of expression and their boundless potential? What’s your interpretation of this??

Girls and women since inception have been involved in technology and the digital world, there are records of women who have created technologies and languages which have been beneficial in today’s digital world.

However, there has been a decline in the involvement of girls and women in stem fields as a result of so many factors. The digital generation is for all, and not meant for any gender.

I’m glad more women and girls are getting the much needed awareness for how they can get into this digital world.

Q.Gender Equity in Digital Literacy is a driver of Economic Growth and National Advantage. How can we promote this?

I believe gender equity should not be a topic just talked about in conferences and meetings, it should be a deliberate action because an educated society with no gender roles is an empowered society.

Companies and institutions should be deliberate in ensuring an equitable society, with no gender roles. Women and girls should be given equal opportunities at leadership without recourse to their gender

Techy Stars 🌟 #Techrity

Q.How do we amplify the diversity of Tech Trailblazers like you?

There are so many institutions and bodies working hard at ensuring women get involved in the digital generation, we can amplify these voices by supporting them with the resources they need to reach these women and girls, also I believe these challenge can’t be solved without involving the men, we should all work together at ensuring gender roles are non existent and women can’t achieve this on their own.

Q.Technology is a veritable tool to address Gender-Based Violence (GBV)

True. If more and more people are educated on the importance of acquiring digital skills, most GBV cases would be reported and addressed, we should deploy more tech solutions with the help of community to ensure GBV is easily reported.

Q.How do we ensure Mental Health and Rights of Girls are Protected in this era?

To protect women and girls mental health, we can encourage community driven groups where women can access people who they can trust to help them deal with any challenges they are facing, with closed groups and access to mentors, we can protect the mental health rights of women and girls.

Q.Life Planning (Child Birth Spacing) is essential to help the Girl Child achieve her goals and remain Productive, true or false? If true, please can we get your opinion??

Child birth spacing is essential for the girl child, we can carry out our primary duties as women and still be productive, families should be educated on the importance of life planning so everyone is carried along, both man and woman. We will see a more quotable society in which women are not afraid to dream while also being able to carry out their basic functions in the society.

Q.Looking at the African Youth Charter, Article 23: emphasized that discrimination against Girls and young women are eliminated. Do you support the charter, if yes, Why?

Not much idea here

Q.Lastly, the SDGs embodies a roadmap for progress that is Sustainable and ensure no one is left behind. What focal SDGs Goal are you embarking?

At Techrity, we are working in line with sdg 9 to ensure we create innovative solutions that is deployed and accessible for the everyday human. We deploy the use of technological solutions to solve this challenge, in one of our Hackathons held in December 2020, we focused on building solutions to ensure people working in the informal sector affected by COVID aren’t left behind as a result of the economic downturn faced. Innovators, builders, thinkers were invited to innovate around these challenges and come up with solutions to solve them, you can find more information by visiting:

Thank you