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Source: United Nations Environment Programme

By Smith Nwokocha

We are planning to Host World Environment Day 🌎✊ on Twitter Space to find ways to end the impact of Climate Change, which includes ending the era of Fossil Fuel, and beating polluters, holding them accountable, while we Advocate for Defund Climate Chaos, holding Banks financing fossil fuel accountable as well. Join us on Twitter Space with the link. (@NWOKOCHASMITHC)

Host Organizer: Smith Nwokocha, Climate Reality Leader 🟢, Global Citizen ⭕





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Educatial Team

By Smith Nwokocha

At Educatial Stakeholders Engagement Meeting with the theme: “The Education Revolution and The Pathway for Success”. It held at Escape Hotel, Abuloma, Port Harcourt. The Founder of Educatial Mr.Francis Muofananya emphasized that #Educatial is “the one-stop shop for everything Education” and he believes that Educatial will birth Great Institutions and create Wealth alongside. Truly, globally Education has witnessed great transformation with emphatic growth online and has a new ecosystem of learning. Educatial according to the founder, he said, at Educatial we will be exporting Education to the world in response to the need for Education advancement with indigenous investors/engineers. However, “Education can be difficult sometimes, let’s make it a lot easier”. Finally, in his remark, he pointed that; “Educatial has come to democratize e-learning in Nigeria.

Mr. Francis Muofananya- Founder/Chief Visionary Officer-EDUCATIAL

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Barigbon Nsereka (Head of Department of Journalism and Media Studies, Rivers State University); He stated an underlying quotes; “Today’s Super Technology will be Tomorrow’s antiquity”. “Education banishes Ignorance and breaks Superstition”. In revoluntionalizing Education, we have to focus on Students centered learning by developing skills without waiting for the Government. He emphasized; How we can BRING BACK THE BOOK, which points to how we can revive and revoluntionalize Education in Nigeria and that’s the way of prosperity for Nigerians. Thereby, making us Citizens of the Cyberspace. Prof recommends that Education should not be taking lightly, our Education Curriculum should be revisited and Education inequalities addressed.

Prof. Barigbon Nsereka

Mr. Celestine Achi (Digital Strategist): Educatial will be synonymous to Education in the nearest future Possible. The future according to him, don’t just happens, the future of Education is here. In his words, we are talking about Revolution in Education, is either you adapt or loose out. Educatial is a product of two years of research and you can imagine what that will bring in the ecosystem platform in the education sector. Therefore, Educatial is a one stop shop for everything Education. The place of Community learning in education and funding is a challenge for quality Education, but educatial has the answers. We have the EduHub, EduForum, EduTv, EduRadio, EduField, EduSocial, EduChat, EduGame, EduGeolocator, EduFund, EduMatketplace, EduIntelligence, EduSearch, EduTools, EduClouds, EduNews, EduScanner, EduPublisher, and EduDrive. He emphasized that, Educatial is designed to enhance the learning and teaching experience for all individuals, students, professionals etc. It is done through a virtual reality campus that brings together educators, businesses, students and schools into one Community.

Mr. Celestine Achi -Digital Strategist -EDUCATIAL




Cross Section of participants.


Wadata Media and Advocacy Centre (WAMAC) an NGO with the support of MacArthur Foundation held a Town Hall Meeting to amplify the Fight against Corruption in Local Languages with a theme: “Corruption In Education sector In Nigeria: The Need For Moral Reorientation” held on 13th May, 2023 at NOVOTEL HOTEL & RESORT, Stadium Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Participants were drawn from the Media, Civil Society Organizations, Community Based Organizations, Religious and Community leaders as well as anti-Corruption agencies, notably the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and Independent Corrupt Practices & Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) and the National Orientation Agency (NOA). Also representatives of Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) and Peace Corps are in attendance.

At the end of the Town Hall meeting the following resolutions were made to fast tract the Fight Against Corruption through Community Participation as follows:-


  1. The Town Hall meeting advocated for speedy intervention of Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s) and legal Practitioners to vacate the Perpetual Injunction that became an impediments for the anti-Corruption agencies to investigate and prosecute Rivers state government and its agencies.
  2. The meeting resolved, that, community should rise up and expose corrupt practices in their domain through awareness in rural and urban communities to inculcate ‘virtues of societal norms and values’  in Schools to re-orient the society on the menace of corruption.
  3. Participants agreed that the endemic corruption in our society must be tamed with sincerity of purpose to compliments efforts of anti-corruption agencies.
  4. The Town Hall Meeting recognized the role of traditional institution and Religious leaders in the fight against corruption through courage and honesty to uphold the sanctity of truthfulness and accountability.
  5. Communities were obliged to re-invigorate local tradition contents to instill discipline from homes to reduce moral corruption.
  6. The participants also calls for a new mechanism to revitalize education sector in Rivers State through effective funding of the education sector and the need for good remuneration and welfare of Teachers.
  7. The meeting also calls for modernization of schools infrastructure and employment of new teachers through implementation of committee of experts’ reports on education tagged FACILITIES INSPECTION REMUNIRATION AND EVALUATION (FIRE) to save educational sector in Rivers state from collapse.
  8. Finally, the meeting urged participants to grow beyond Town Hall meeting to be ambassadors of anti-corruption.


This communique was made this day 13th May, 2023 at Port Harcourt, Rivers State.




Cross Section of participants…


By Smith Nwokocha

Hilda Effiong Bassey🔥🔥

Right from the press conference.
When she introduced herself and said, “ I’m a young Nigerian lady from “Akwa Ibom” , I screamed.

We are so impressed that she didn’t care what the opportunity cost of joining and staying till the end would be❤️

Sister is breaking all the ceilings and intentionally making a loud statement, especially with regards to Akwa Ibom and of course Nigerian women and even black women. We love it❤️❤️

So, Hilda Baci, a Nigerian Chef is attempting to break the Guiness Book of records for the longest cooking Marathon by an individual. She will be cooking for 4 days non-stop , 96 hours.

The current record stands at 87 hours and 45minutes

She is 64 hours as at Sunday yesterday🔥🔥🔥

We are rooting for her, and we are praying for her!

Get it done Superwoman! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥰

Congratulations Hilda🎉🎉🎉


She has broken the record and sets a New record for 88hours✊🇳🇬⏺️

We stand with our very own Hilda Baci as she made history, as Guinness World Record for marathon cooking to become 2nd woman to hold the record.🏆
It is a wake up call for young Africans🌍
Go get it dear, we are proud of you! 💪

HildaBassey #HildaBaci #GlobalChef #worldguinessrecord



Dr. Ifeanyi.M. Nsofor

By Dr. Ifeanyi M. Nsofor

First published on Medium

Nigeria’s Federal House of Representatives wants to prevent Nigerian-trained doctors and dentists from leaving the country until after 5 years post-qualification. The bill seeks to prevent Nigerian-trained medical or dental practitioners from being granted full licenses until they have worked for a minimum of five years in the country. This bill is wrong. It is not the right way to treat doctors and dentists who work in some of the most difficult circumstances to save lives in Nigeria. This is bound to further worsen brain drain in Nigeria. 

The main question is, why do Nigerian medical doctors emigrate? This question was answered by Nigerian medical doctors themselves in the 2018 NOI Polls/EpiAFRIC ‘emigration of Nigerian medical doctors survey’, which I co-led. The reasons that doctors Gia be for emigration are numerous but easy to fix if the Nigerian government is serious about reversing brain drain. 

More than 700 doctors were interviewed and these were some reasons for emigration: high taxes and deductions from salary (98%); low work satisfaction (92%); and poor salaries and emoluments (91%). Majority (87%) believe the Nigerian government is unconcerned with mitigating the challenges facing medical doctors in Nigeria. However, improved remuneration (18%), upgrade of all hospital facilities and equipment (16%), increased healthcare funding (13%), and improved working conditions of health workers were top recommendations to reverse brain drain.

The survey also found that it cost $25,188 to train a medical doctor in public universities in Nigeria. Compared to other African countries, Nigeria is Africa’s wealthiest country but ranks seventh in the amount spent by African governments to train medical doctors: South Africa ($40,373), Zimbabwe ($37,500), Malawi ($32,952), Kenya ($32,225), Ethiopia ($28,620), Zambia ($26,529). Simply put, Nigeria is not the only African country paying for training of doctors in public schools. Further, tertiary education is heavily subsidized for other professions too. Will the lawmakers also ban other professionals from emigrating? 

It is glaring that the lawmakers are not concerned about the cost of medical tourism embarked upon by Nigerian public officials. For instance, President Buhari has made medical tourism a mainstay of his healthcare plans. At one point, he traveled to the United Kingdom for his medical care and stayed there for more than 100 days. Shockingly, the cost of Buhari’s medical tourism is borne by taxpayers. We pay for his expensive foreign medical care and yet we do not know what ails Buhari. Without a doubt, going by the frequency of visits to his UK doctors, the cost of his treatment (and fueling of the presidential jet) would pay for training of hundreds of doctors in Nigerian public schools. Shouldn’t Buhari and other public officials lead by example and seek healthcare in Nigeria? Should the Federal House of Representatives also enact a law barring public officials from seeking healthcare abroad? 

Migration is a human right. Therefore, Nigerian lawmakers do not have the right to stop Nigerian-trained medical doctors and dentists from emigrating. Except the lawmakers are bent on breaching their fundamental human rights. 

Alternatively, these are five ways to ensure both doctors and the government get the best deal out of the current brain drain in Nigeria. 

First, listen to doctors and improve the conditions of service as unpacked in the ‘emigration of Nigerian medical doctors survey’. An obstetrician and gynecologist working at a public tertiary hospital we interviewed said, “I think that one of the major issues is the work environment, the working equipment and what to work with. There was a time I was doing a procedure that should not take more than five minutes, and I spent over 45 minutes on the procedure just because of the equipment I was working with.” 

Junior doctors are also negatively affected by the poor conditions of service. “The work conditions are very poor. As a house officer you are responsible for covering 4 – 5 wards when you are on call, each ward having an average of 20 beds in the surgical department, and a minimum of 40 beds in other departments. And you are responsible for giving these patients intravenous medications sometimes three times a day (sometimes late at night).”, said a house officer. 

Second, engage governments and employers in countries where doctors emigrate in covering the cost of their training. A research published in the British Medical Journal has a similar recommendation. The top 10 countries Nigerian-trained doctors emigrate to as follows: UK, USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Australia, UAE, Caribbean Islands, Ireland, South Africa and Botswana. For example, more than 5,000 Nigerian-trained doctors have emigrated to the UK in the past 8 years. Should the UK government and employers of doctors there pay back to the Nigerian government the more than $150 million spent on training these doctors? This is a debate the lawmaker should have to ensure equity. 

Third, revise the cost of training of doctors and dentists to reflect today’s economic realities. However, such revision is bound to disenfranchise students from poor families. There are ways to mitigate that. A percentage of the more than 3 trillion naira ($7.5 billion) 2023 fuel subsidy should be channeled towards training of medical doctors and dentists in Nigeria. If this is done, the entry requirements to medical and dental schools should be made more competitive, while reserving a portion of the admission for children from

low-income families. Student loans should also be made available to those who simply want to take a loan, pay for their training and pay back to the government over several years. 

Fourth, ban public officials from using public funds to pay for their healthcare in foreign countries. Nigerian presidents and all public offices must access healthcare locally if the governed is to pay for it. In 2022, Vice-President Yemi Professor Osinbajo showed example by going to Duchess International Hospital, Lagos for a surgical procedure. Buhari should be the last Nigerian president who travels to foreign countries to seek healthcare paid for by taxpayers. 

Lastly, set up a mechanism for Nigerians who emigrate to reserve a proportion of their remittances back home for health insurance for their friends and families. This would increase healthcare financing in Nigeria. In a previous piece, I advocated for channeling one percent of diaspora remittances for health insurance. Going by the $19.5 billion Nigerians in diaspora remitted back home in 2021, at least $195 million (more than Nigeria’s annual healthcare budget) could be added to the health insurance sector in Nigeria. This would improve conditions of service for health workers, availability of modern healthcare equipment and more. 

Health workers in Nigeria are dealing with a lot. Lawmakers should make laws to make their work easier and improve the health of all Nigerians. 

First published on Medium


World Health Day,

 Lagos, 6th April, 2023

World Health Day: DevComs Tasks Incoming Administration, Governors-elect On Providing Medical Facilities, Training Personnel

Nigeria’s foremost media development organization, Development Communications Network (DevComs) has called on the incoming administration at both federal and state levels to prioritise the health of Nigerian citizens by providing adequate resources, facilities and continuous training for practitioners.

DevComs made this call on Friday in commemoration of World Health Day with the theme ‘Health for All’ as the World Health Organisation celebrates its 75th anniversary.

Nigeria is expecting a new government at the federal level and in 28 states on May 29, 2023, when the President-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu will be sworn in as the 16th president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.  As the country prepares for the new administration, DevComs urged for greater development and an appreciable increase in annual budgetary allocation to the health sector in order to improve the health conditions of Nigerians.

Source: Federal ministry of Health Nigeria 

Nigeria’s health sector got 4.75% in 2019, 3.83% in 2020, 4.18% in 2021 and 4.7% in 2022 fiscal years falling sort of the 15 percent target agreed upon in the Abuja Declaration.

It is time for Nigeria to join the ranks of countries that have met the 15% target and invest in the health of its people. By doing so, the country will be better equipped to tackle future health crises and improve the overall well-being of its citizens.

In a statement signed by its Program Director, Akin Jimoh, the media NGO said the world’s standardized medical facilities should be sufficiently available in all cities, towns, and villages, and accessible to citizens.  DevComs, argued, that Nigerians should find it easy and convenient to get to where they can receive medical treatments when needed, which is the first requirement of addressing an ailment.

“The new administration should be deliberate in prioritizing the health of citizens. Nigerians deserve quality health care with provision of adequate medical facilities that are affordable and accessible to citizens across the country,” the statement said.

“However, successive governments have not performed to the expectations of Nigerians as they always fell short of funding the health sector. This has to be addressed”.

“Also, the medical practitioners should be trained and retrained by the government. They should be paid well and the country must not fall short of health personnel.  Over the years, the country had suffered brain drain that has seen an exodus of doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other health personnels leaving the shores of this country for greener pastures in the United States, Britain, Canada, and others. The situation has even worsened in recent times”.   

“We urge the new government to prioritize the health of its citizens by ensuring the timely release of funds allocated to the health sector. This action will not only improve the health outcomes of Nigerians but also contribute to the economic growth and development of the country” the statement said.


Omobonike Adebayo

Communications Officer



Development Communications (DevComs) Network is Nigeria’s leading media development organization with more than two decades’ experience in science, public health and social sector advocacy through the media.  DevComs won the first ONE Africa Award (2008) based on her innovative strategies in addressing maternal and child in Nigeria.

For further information:

Please contact via email


                                                                                                                              April 4, 2023


The Community Initiative for Enhanced Peace and Development (CIEPD) with funding support from Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND) implemented the Collaborative Election Violence Prevention and Mitigation Project in Rivers State in the 2023 Presidential and Gubernatorial Election.

Following the release of the Final result of the gubernatorial and state house of assembly election, held on the 18th of March 2023 by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), there has been unrest in the state (Rivers State), Community Initiative for Enhanced Peace and Development (CIEPD) with funding from PIND Foundation hereby makes the following statement:

A key attribute of a credible electoral process is the access to seek redress in court when candidates and political parties feel they have been undone by the outcome of an election. 

The 2023 gubernatorial elections in Rivers state may have come and gone but the fallout from the process has been characterized by violent triggers such as intimidation and counter-accusations from all parties involved. This has led to heightened tension in the state. As an organization that is committed to ensuring peace and nonviolent means in resolving disputes, we are concerned by recent happenings and hereby make the following calls to all stakeholders involved:

1. We condemn in its entirety the violence that took place in the wake of the protests by political parties around the Independent National Electoral Commission – Rivers State Office and calls for constitutional means and violence-free measures to resolve electoral disputes.

2. The Independent National Electoral Commission Rivers state should take actions that depict their independent status. They must act and be seen as independent to calm the brewing tension.

3. Security agencies especially the Rivers State Police Command, in dealing with post-electoral complaints should not be seen by the actions and inactions as being partial and used by politicians to witch hunt any political party. They (The police) must act fast to calm the violence to avert the loss of lives and destruction of property. 

Finally, we urge all political parties, INEC, and security agencies to play by the rule and allow the law to take its full course to avoid the looming crisis 

We stand for peace, as that is the only option.

Long live Rivers State.


Community Initiative for Enhanced Peace and Development.


Cross Section of CIEPD Team and partners during the Press Release.


The Collaborative Violence Prevention and Mitigation in Rivers State Election project is implemented by Community Initiative for Enhanced Peace and Development (CIEPD) with funding from Partnership Initiative in the Niger Delta (PIND).  The goal of the project is to sensitize the electorate especially youths and the general public on the need for peace through a constructive engagement before, during and after the Elections in 8 high risk LGA’s in Rivers State namely:  Port Harcourt, Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni, Akuku-Toru, Eleme, Obio/Akpor, Tai, Asari-Toru,  and Ikwerre

The project trained and deployed 23 Community Stakeholders Network members and 149 Conflict Trackers to monitor Elections and report incidents of Electoral Violence across Rivers State with focus on the 8 high risk local government Areas.

In view of the Gubernatorial and State House of Assembly Elections in Rivers State coming up on the 18th March 2023 and as a follow up to our preliminary report from the Conduct of the Presidential Elections on February 25th 2023, we hereby call on INEC, the Security Agents in the state to work toward non-violence elections by the following recommendations:

  • EARLY ARRIVAL OF ELECTORAL OFFICERS AND MATERIALS: It has been observed that electoral materials and INEC staff arrived at the polling units late in some LGAs. By this act, INEC intentionally or unintentionally creates environment that is susceptible to voters’ suppression, voters’ intimidation, anxiety and chaotic thereby exacerbating electoral violence.  These effects are more experienced in polling units with very high number of registered voters such as Obio-Akpor Ward 6, unit 1 Woji with a voting strength of over 8,000 and also in unit 2, 3, 4 and 19 and others.

We therefore call on INEC to avoid triggering electoral violence by making sure that electoral materials including sensitive materials arrive early enough as stipulated in the Section 120 of Electoral Act that states that the polling unit should be opened at 8am. Any polling official who fails to report promptly at his or her polling unit on an election day without lawful excuse commits an offence of dereliction of duty and is liable on conviction to maximum fine of N500,000 or imprisonment for a term of 12 months or both.

  • HIJACK OF NEW POLLING UNITS CREATED: It was reported by our observers in Akuku Toru Ward 5 and in Tai LGA, that the new polling units that where created by INEC were hijacked by influential people in the community to their personal homes as a result of the INEC staff inability to locate the polling unit. This no doubt is a conflict trigger

It is therefore imperative that INEC properly identify and mark the new polling units created for easily identification not just by INEC adhoc staff by all to avoid such situation that can escalate violence. 

  • ATTEMPT TO DISENFRACHISE ELECTORATE:  Reports getting to our situation room, indicated a deliberate attempt to scare people from tcoming out to exercise the right to cast their votes by threatening them that if they are not voting a particular party they should stay at home from Iwofe axis of Port Harcourt, township Area Ward 7 Tourist beach, Ikwerre LGA Ward 7, Elekiahia just to mention a few. This obviously can undermine peaceful election. We are therefore calling on Security Agents to take these threats serious by providing unbiased apolitical securitization of electorate in Rivers State. We call on the military to extend the show of force parade especially areas with such security threat, in addition mount road blocks starting from Thursday evening especially around hotels that are likely to accommodate agents of violence to prevent them from causing   mayhem.
  • Declaration of the Result at the polling Unit: Reports getting to us from the Presidential and National Assembly election indicates that this was a major trigger to violence .  However. Section 60 of the Electoral Act states that the presiding officer should count and enter the result obtained at the polling unit before proceeding to the LGA collation centre. A presiding officer who wilfully contravenes any provision of this section commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine not more than N500,000 or imprisonment for a term of at least six months. We therefore call on INEC to educate and encourage their staff   irrespective of being permanent, adhoc to be law abiding and follow the stipulated provisions of the Electoral Act.
  • BYPASS OF WARD COLLATION CENTRES AND RESULT UPLOAD:  There have been circulation of warnings that polling Officer must upload the polling unit result before leaving the place.  We are also mindful of the discretional power that the Electoral Act bestowed on INEC Section 63 “that voting and transmission of result under the Act shall be in accordance with the procedures determine by the commission” we are therefore calling on INEC to communicate clearly to Nigerians the procedure of transmission that they have determined for the Governorship and State Houses of Assembly and abide by it.  INEC should not heat up the polity by surrounding the process of transmission of the result with ambiguity   

From the reports getting to us so far there have been kidnapped of 3 candidates in Rivers State, we therefore seize this opportunity to call on the release of all kidnapped candidates , Election is not a war  

We call on all stakeholders involved to ensure destruction of lives and properties are reduced to the barest minimum in Rivers state during and after March 18th 2023 elections

We say No to Electoral Violence




God Bless the federal Republic of Nigeria

God Bless Rivers State


Community Initiative for Enhanced Peace and Development 

CIEPD Team, Partners and The Press in a group photograph.
Situation Room Team


Cross section of Peace Monitors, Actors, Trackers, Media, Political Aspirant and relevant stakeholders

By Smith Nwokocha


The forum started at about 4:00pm, introduction of Dignitaries. Remark from the security agencies present, starting with a Goodwill message from Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Rivers State Command-DCC Dike; he said, Safety and Protection of lives is the mandate of the Security Personnel, to ensure a violent free election. The Assistant Commissioner of Police (Mamman Joseph) representing the Commissioner of Police Rivers State. He emphasized that, Rivers State was violence free compared to other states, during the Presidential Election. He advised that, Electorates should talk to their friends and families at home, to be calm. Ensure, you cast your vote peacefully.

Nathaniel Akpos (State Coordinator, Transition Monitoring Group): Supports CIEPD in ensuring peaceful and non-violent Election in the fourth coming Gubernatorial Election. Stakeholders present spoke on Peaceful and Non-violent Election. They all agreed; “We are one accord”.

Comrade Enefa Georgewill (Chairman, Rivers State Civil Society Organization), he emphasized that there is need to sign a Peaceful Accord for Non-violent Election.

PIND Rep: The central objective of Peace Programme is to achieve peace across the region through peace Actors efforts. If Election emerging conflicts are not managed, it could escalate, so with the participation of Community Influencers, it has been helpful.

The Moderator, reiterate that “Whatever we must do to avoid violence, we have to do”.

CIEPD Programme Manager, he said, CIEPD focus is  on Peace building and conflict resolution. CIEPD introduced “Conflict Watch Centres”. Since 2015 to present, CIEPD have been able to track elections (three circles of election) in Nigeria. On Saturday, 25th February, 2023, CIEPD in collaboration with PIND deployed 23 Community Stakeholders Network members and 149 Conflict Trackers to monitor the Presidential and National Assembly Elections in 8 LGAs of Rivers State that are high risk electoral violence areas. Their specific roles are to monitor and report conflict indicators and triggers to the CIEPD Situation Room which immediately report to relevant stakeholders for prompt intervention and resolution.  The Situation Room was opened on the 24th of February,2023 at 4:00pm. Personnel in the Situation Room includes the following: Egondu Ezinwoke-Ogbalor (Lead), Everest Nwankwo, Courage Nsirimovu, Anthony Abeh and Olorunsola Testimony.

The All Progressive Congress APC House of Assembly Candidate (Prof. Chuku); In his words, he said; this is the worse election filled with fraud. Though, he is an APC faithful, but Labour Party won the Election in his LGA, but at the end of the day, it was massively rigged at the Collation Centre. He emphasized, until people’s voice and choice is respected and counted, there is nothing like Free and Fair Election. If the people in Government want to get power by all means, then, there’sa big problem.  

Egondu Ezinwoke-Ogbalor Lead-CIEPD and Prof. Chuku APC House of Assembly candidate

Egondu Ezinwoke-Ogbalor (CIEPD), appreciates the Rep of the APC for honouring the invitation to be present. She equally said, after the Gubernatorial Election and State House of Assembly Elections, there will be a debriefing exercise. The Peace Accord document will be signed by all Candidates, however she read through the document to the hearing of everyone. She used the opportunity to celebrate women and mark International Women’s Day.

Closing, she thanked everyone for coming. The forum ended at about pass 6:00pm and refreshment where served.

Egondu Ezinwoke-Ogbalor Lead-CIEPD