22nd May, 2020 Online Webinar

Learning to be COVID-19 ready is the “New Normal”. COVID has come to stay, we have to learn to live with it. We should learn to stop the virus from spreading.

We including the Government needs to ACT PROPERLY to deal with #CLIMATECHANGE There is Similarities between #COVID19 and Climate Change.

Poor people suffer most from COVID-19 and Climate Change.

If we MISTREAT our ANIMALS and our ENVIRONMENT, we will suffer it the most. Everything is Connected, from Environment, Education, Health, Equity etc.

We should learn to work for UNITY and HUMANITY.
David Nabarro
#BiodiversityDay #BiodiversityDay2020 #WorldBiodiversityDay #PlantforThePlanet #UNEnvironmentProgramme #UnitedNations #UN

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