Flagged Banner of PMD @Golden Tilup Hotel GRA Phase 2, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

By: Smith Nwokocha

Engaging For Sustainable Development.

Value Adds by German Trained Nigerian Experts.
. Austin Obinna Ezejiofor Esq. PhD and Ujunwa Vivian Abor


The Institute of Export (IEOM)… Hosting Organization that puts together the event in Port Harcourt for PMD..

Opening Remarks by Ofon Udofia (IEOM CEO). He thanked everyone for finding time to come. IEOM strengthens the workforce through GIZ Programme.

He further appeals to Participants to focus on Retuneers Experts. Last week Friday, Standard Chartered Bank signed an M.O.U that will benefit members.

Some Participants at the event

@Austin Ezejiofor ( Team leader, PMD, GIZ), based his conversation on “One Person Can Make a Difference”- Presentation of the GIZ Programme Migration & Diaspora (PMD).

Nigerian German Experts to support Organizations, NGOs and Companies) to facilitate and simplify there work through GIZ Programme (Deutsche Gesellschraft For Internationale Zusammana belt -GIZ-).

GIZ is not a Donor Organization, but an Implementation Agency. (Google GIZ Nigeria for full details).

Core Values:
Sustainable Economic Development.
Scale Development on Youth Employment.
Micro Enterprises
Agriculture and Health etc.

SDGs Goals.

GIZ is Commissioned by German Federal Ministry of Economic (BMZ).

Ujunwa Abor facilitating

@Ujunwa Abor emphasized:

Diaspora Experts: Are temporarily Employed Staff between 4weeks to 6months. The Expert Staff are not paid salaries by recruited Organization, but GIZ takes care of the Staff Including the Staff welfare and accommodation etc. The recruiting Organization must have an office space and must be Registered with CAC and have working staff that the knowledge will be transferred.

Starting a Business: “Business Idea For Business Development”….

Remittance: geldtransfer.

Gender Equality: Working together to promote gender equality. Equal rights, Equal responsibilities and Equal Opportunities.


Closing Remarks.

First Class Refreshments @Golden Tilup Hotel GRA phase 2 Port Harcourt.

giz #PMD

GIZ,German International Cooperation.

Closing Remarks

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