Some of those affected with “Down Syndrome” and Guests

Port Harcourt Google Local Guide, joins the rest of the world to celebrate those affected with “Down Syndrome” at the Otana Inclusive Centre, Alakahia, Port Harcourt. Every 21st march globally, World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated.


About Otana Inclusive Centre; it’s a special need school for the “Down Syndrome”, students with Sight challenge. It’s also an Autism centre and offer hearing aids services.

Sharing thoughts with one of the participants; he said, unfortunately, a lot of the time, people look down on people with disability. But the centre creates “Awareness” for people to know they also add value to the society by caring for people with “Special Needs” and involved in Sporting Activities.

A Physically Challenged fellow, addressing the audience, said “Disability is a phase of life”.

Rally Race exercise with selected volunteers.

Some Guest at the event

Dr. Amachree, a Lecturer, sharing his story, he said, he lost his sight at age fifteen (15) and at that age , his mother said to him, “if there is a place where the blind study’s, I will send you there. I will send my son to learn how to read and write and achieve his life aspirations. Dr Amachree later attended College of Immaculate Conception (C.I.C), Enugu. Through his time in C.I.C , only one student could compete with him and later attended Kaduna Polytechnic and he came out with second class upper. Today, that person is a retired Engineer from NNPC, while himself, his a Lecturer.

Some members of the Port Harcourt Google Local Guide

The Coordinator of the Centre, appreciated everyone for showing support for those with Special Needs.
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World Down Syndrome Day
World Health Organization (WHO)
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Sports Racing

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