Just some few questions for you as an SGBV Advocate in Nigeria, Ghana and across the globe?  
Q1. Can we know a bit about you? My name is Okorite Membere, born and bred in Portharcourt before leaving for University in Accra, Ghana where I studied Business and Human Resource Management. During the course of my stay in Ghana , I worked for a Tech and innovation hub where I was introduced into advocacy against Gender Based Violence.
Q2. What is your view of *Life Planning* as a passionate Advocate? Life planning is essential in every home as it helps create a better future for every child.
Q3. Do you think Culture affects the promotion and access to *Life Planning* or *Child Birth Spacing*? Yes, it does. Culture has a way of putting pressure on the kind of decisions we make in life and family planning is one of them.
Q4. Do you think there is a Correlation between SGBV and *Life Planning* If yes, how can young people be encouraged to accept *LPAY (Life Planning For Youth and Adolescent)* ? Yes there is, sgbv increases the risk of unwanted pregnancies ,mental health issues and diseases. I encourage young people to SPEAK UP. They have to use their voices as a weapon to fight against this menace in our society.
Q5. Any Word for exceptional women adding value in our society, as we celebrate women month (*International Women’s Day)*? I advise that women should always keep on doing exploit as there’s so much in us the world is yet to see.
Q6. Who is your *Role Model*?My role model is a better version of myself I hope to become.

Thank you so much for your time.


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